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List of records of 2018 ASAHI

Last update date July 30, 2019

Here, we introduce records such as event or event in the Asahi Ward that ASAHI appeared.

List of 2018 ASAHI records

It is participation in Tsurugamine Park for Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward Festival on October 21!

Primary schoolchild in ward came to ward office!

All of crane ke hoshogakuko came to observe what kind of place Asahi Ward government office was.
ASAHI says hello to everybody, too!
Everybody shook hands with pleasure.
Still meet ASAHI which is local character♪

Primary schoolchild and ASAHI

We participate in Joey eggplant terrace Futamatagawa opening of business ceremony!

ASAHI participated in the opening of business ceremony of Joey eggplant terrace Futamatagawa on Friday, April 27.
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With ASAHI so mew

The Rose queen came to Asahi Ward government office to visit♪

"The Rose queen" chosen in Queen contest of Bulgarian rose came for Asahi Ward as goodwill ambassador. We took a ceremonial photograph in ASAHI and Director General and the Rose queens in "eco-gaden".

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The Rose queen and ASAHI and Director General

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