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List of records of 2017 ASAHI

Last update date May 22, 2019

Here, we introduce records such as event or event in the Asahi Ward that ASAHI appeared.

Design manhole of ASAHI comes up at last!

Design manhole lid of ASAHI was installed in each place in Asahi Ward.
We introduce Tsurugamine Station neighborhood that is one of the setting places.
Here, ASAHI informs of way to bus terminal.
Then, from the Tsurugamine Station north exit, it is let's go!

As there is design of manhole lid except that we introduced here, please look for by all means.
Among Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA doors in Horikawa promenade, the neighborhood of tree planting fair village forest garden venue Higashi-iru Exit (the west Hikarigaoka housing complex neighborhood) current; is installed.

We distribute manhole card!

As we made "manhole card" in commemoration of design manhole setting of "ASAHI", we distribute to people hoped for.

[distribution period]
From Monday, April 3, 2017
[distribution place]
Garden bear (Asahi Ward the second floor of the government office 23rd window Ward Administration Promotion Division) ※The end of the distribution! There is no re-arrival plan.
ASAHI (Asahi Ward the second floor of the government office 22nd window Regional Promotion Division) ※Please confirm haifushujokyo.
[inquiry time]
It is 5:00 p.m. from 8:45 a.m. on weekdays
[about overall design manhole]
Asahi, Yokohama-shi engineering works office telephone: 045-953-8801
[about manhole card of garden bear]
City of Yokohama, Asahi Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division telephone: 045-954-6028
[about manhole card of ASAHI]
City of Yokohama, Asahi Ward Regional Promotion Division telephone: 045-954-6095

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