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List of records of 2016 ASAHI

Last update date April 8, 2019

ASAHI went to para-relay road race inTOKYO2017 for support, too♪

"Para-relay road race inTOKYO2017" was held in Komazawa sports stadium of Tokyo on March 12.
Player living in Asahi Ward of member "is good! As Yokohama team participated, ASAHI went for support, too.
We could encounter dogwood - of Kohoku Ward and could meet famous character and were ASAHI which we were able to support although being a pleasure!

About para-relay road race inTOKYO, please see the following homepages. (the outside site) (external link)

Everybody of nursery school came to Asahi Ward government office to play♪

At the end of the year, everybody of Chitose nursery school, Tsurugamine nursery school came.
He/she played Christmas song using various musical instruments including hand bell♪
In pleasant music, ASAHI is paste paste, too!
It was ASAHI surprised at high level of performance.

We have you please with Director General beginning all of you and think that not only children are given oneself, but also took in that it is existence that tells, and can give other people anything. (than the nursery school person concerned)

We went in all and Yokohama yukata Festival 2016in Osanbashi Hall♪

On August 9, characters related to Yokohama gathered for Osanbashi Hall.
We went out of Asahi Ward and were ASAHI which was glad that we could associate with various people♪

Primary schoolchild in ward came to ward office!

All of crane ke hoshogakuko and all of Motoshuku Elementary School came to observe what kind of place Asahi Ward government office was.
ASAHI says hello to everybody, too!
Everybody shook hands with pleasure.
Still meet ASAHI which is local character♪

※Photograph is Motoshuku Elementary School visit.

Kana character flock! We visited you to 2016♪

Annual annual event "kana character flock!" that character of Kanagawa and special guest characters of outside the prefecture gather We participated in this this year!
It was performed this year in Atsugi Chuo Park on April 23 and 24.
When I could see person who came to come from Asahi Ward, and lot took photograph together, we spent ASAHI happily at all♪

We introduced ASAHI and Asahi Ward on stage.
Food and drink in connection with ASAHI are that it is authorized 15 articles as "special dish of ASAHI", and ASAHI is pleased.

In booth of ASAHI, we sold various ASAHI goods.
To person who participated in game of quoits as for the present of goods!

ASAHI which could meet many friends, and was pleased with reencounter. We hold camera not to miss everybody shutter chance!

"Kana character flock!" Souvenir picture that annual character flocked. ASAHI added 24th and both daily visits on 23rd!
In the left, photograph, the right of 23rd are photographs of 24th.

"Kana character flock! 2016 let you look good and offered "kana character card" of new version.
We distribute near ASAHI on Asahi Ward the second floor of the government office.
As the 22nd window (Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section) is near, please call when you do not know.

※Kana character card finished distribution

Kana character card

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