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List of 2015 ASAHI records

Last update date April 8, 2019

Here, we introduce records such as event or event in the Asahi Ward that ASAHI appeared.

We introduce work photograph of ASAHI.

Do you know "carving?" Carving is sculpture and carves vegetables and fruit with knife, and making comes with work.
As there is photograph of carving work of ASAHI which had you send from Egypt all the way, we introduce at this place ♪ (this uses watermelon.)

It is work of meica of carving performer.
It is made a trip around the world while making carving work with feeling "that we carve that we take a trip to the world and felt in vegetables of the ground and want to present toward the field!" from April, 2015.

Do you know "special dish of ASAHI?"

Do you know that various food, drinks in connection with "ASAHI" are sold in Asahi Ward?
Here, we easily introduce♪

ASAHI is pleased to have you make various food, drinks very much!
All of you, please taste "special dish of ASAHI" which we cannot eat only in Asahi Ward, too.
For more details, please see page of "special dish of ASAHI"☆

ASAHI made an outstanding performance by inhabitant of a ward Festival! ... ... which was finished

On Sunday, October 18, long-awaited Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward Festival is held this year!
(as for the details, please see page of "the 26th Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward Festival (2015)".)

ASAHI comes over to play on that day.
As you appear in outdoor stage of Tsurugamine Park several times, please check not to overlook.

Booth of ASAHI appears in Tsurugamine Park, too.
Here, ASAHI goods are sold. As for those products and new product which I wanted!
Booth of ASAHI, please peep out, too♪

We carry out "ASAHI stamp rally" at the same time.
When even one pushes stamp and answers questionnaire in mount, you can get prize for participation (ASAHI goods) to the first 2,500 people.
In addition, we present new product of ASAHI to person who collected stamps in all venues! (only as for the first 1,500 people)
We look forward to participation of everybody!
For more details, on the day please see mount of stamp rally to distribute.

Sale place

ASAHI appears for athletic meet of Sasanodai Elementary School!

As we were invited to ASAHI, athletic meet of Sasanodai Elementary School, we went!
It is very fine on May 30 when athletic meet was held! It was ideal day for athletic meet.
Among primary schoolchildren, ASAHI made very glad♪

Kana character flock! We went to 2015

Was started in Atsugi Chuo Park on April 25 and 26; "kana character flock! ASAHI participated in 2015, too!
At event that characters playing an active part in Kanagawa gather in one place, ASAHI participates for 3 consecutive years mainly.
It was happy ASAHI after a long absence as we were able to meet friend and everybody whom he/she supported♪

ASAHI which can stand in line

Lot took ASAHI and photograph!

Same ASAHI as friend

Can meet friend, and nice ASAHI♪


Takada, Kohoku-ku district character "takatan" and two-shot♪

State phosphorus and ASAHI

ASAHI which is satisfied in photograph with paste paste with Zama-shi character "state phosphorus"!


On ASAHI, stage, we introduced that "savanna in Africa" area was opened using illustration that oneself became animal of ZOORASIA completely entirely.


"Kana character flock! 2015 let you look good and offered "kana character card" of new version. Animals of ZOORASIA are backgrounds this time. Please come to Asahi Ward government office to play now as you distribute at the 22nd window (Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section) of ward office☆

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