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List of 2014 ASAHI records

Last update date April 8, 2019

Room of ASAHI

"Room of ASAHI" which is title of this page.

Surprisingly, that appeared in ward government building!

Room of ASAHI

ASAHI welcomes all of you, and they do in "room of ASAHI" and,
We serve as the gallery introducing illustrations of ASAHI!

Such a "room of ASAHI" is near Asahi Ward the second floor of the government office, the window (21, the 22nd) of Regional Promotion Division.
When Asahi Ward government office comes to everybody, please drop in at "room of ASAHI"!

How is photography with ASAHI? ?

~ ASAHI lunch ~26 year last menu?

"ASAHI lunch" of the every month fourth Thursday conduct that became annual!

The last menu in this year is ...

ASAHI lunch

Omurice revival! We do in this♪

It is different from the first omurice again, and face of ASAHI is drawn with ketchup this time.
This "ASAHI lunch" which was collaboration plan with restaurant "meal Aya studio Asahi Ward government office store" in Asahi Ward government office the first floor of the basement.

In spite of being carrying out menu which we put our ingenuity in every time, and leaving our tongue,
It became realization of lunch which was pleasant to eyes♪

It is the ASAHI lunch second!

We carry out "ASAHI lunch" every month in restaurant "meal Aya studio Asahi Ward government office store" in Asahi Ward government office the first floor of the basement on fourth Thursday.

The first introduced that it was omurice which modelled ASAHI!

Well, it is to have been this time what kind of menu becoming the second, ...

How! "A" "sa" "hi" is covered on menu.

ASAHI lunch

By the way, vegetables used for menu use thing harvested in Asahi Ward.
This ASAHI lunch was "local production for local consumption lunch". It became ASAHI lunch with full of feelings!

The next time, the third are Thursday, February 26. Please be looking forward to what kind of menu comes up♪

We pay attention to outer wall of Asahi Ward government building!

Asahi Ward government office performed outer wall construction from the end of last year.

Under Asahi Ward government office outer wall construction
[December 22, 2014 shooting]

Recently gradually seat and footing for work have begun to be removed.

Then it is ...

Asahi Ward government office outer wall
[January 13, 2015 shooting]

Design yellow something or other is ... Emblemalong with emblem of letter and Asahi Ward called "Asahi Ward synthesis government building"!

That's right. We are appearances of ASAHI!ASAHI

As is expected, solar child, ASAHI. It seems to light up Asahi Ward from ward government building.
We seem to hear such a voice so that "all of Asahi Ward is always well brightly".

When everybody comes to ward office, please pay attention to outer wall of government building.

We carried out ASAHI lunch!

ASAHI lunch was sold on a qualified scale in restaurant "meal Aya studio Asahi Ward government office store" in Asahi Ward government office the first floor of the basement!
Menu hits flag of ASAHI to deep-fried chicken attached omurice which modelled ASAHI to.

Pretty, delicious ASAHI lunch is quite popular with both adult and children! It has been sold out in no time on that day.

We are going to carry out ASAHI lunch every month in ward office restaurant on fourth Thursday.
As menu may vary according to months, but we make an elaborate plans and carry out,
Everybody, please go to visit restaurant, too.

ASAHI lunch

How about ASAHI dorayaki?

We told about various ASAHI goods so far,

It is introduction as "ASAHI dorayaki" debuted♪

ASAHI dorayaki

Branding iron of ASAHI cute midmost of sweet, delicious dorayaki!
For appearance of special dish of new Asahi Ward, it was completely ASAHI of feeling.

We are going to do introduction of goods which treated ASAHI more and more from now on in this page♪
Person thinking of goods development, please feel free to contact to contact information of bottom line of this page!
(※ ASAHI as application to Asahi Ward is necessary when we use figure, please understand).

※ASAHI dorayaki is product of ishiikakoho of capital Oka.
Please confirm the details in the following URLs.

(we link to outside page)

It is birthday month of ASAHI

October 26 is birthday of ASAHI.
In (October), we are carrying out ASAHI month this month for birthday!

We will tell about monthly plan this time on birthday of ASAHI.

It is ASAHI Flag appearance ... for 1 ... Tsurugamine mall street light


ASAHI Flag has begun to hang this year.
Of course there is Flag of design with different only one piece this year.
Please look for everybody last year because you hang over different place.

We tell person that you see homepage about hint in particular.

Hint is ...


It is sunglasses!

2 ... ASAHI stamp rally @ Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward Festival ...

The 25th Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward Festival is held on Sunday, October 19.
We are going to carry out stamp rally of ASAHI this year.

By inhabitant of a ward Festival of this year, stamp of ASAHI is installed in all venues (7 venues).
Please collect stamps while coming to inhabitant of a ward Festival, and enjoying all venues.
As for ... which limited ASAHI goods can get?

What kind of person is Shigetada? Part2

Of entertainment called "what kind of people as for Shigetada" that holding is planned by article before two in Asahi library; guided, but will tell about the additional information today!

On the day, on (Saturday, August 2), meet-and-greet event of Asahi Ward mascot character "ASAHI" was planned, but with anything! Mascot ® Grand Prix fourth place, image character "fukkachan" of Fukaya-shi, Saitama rush to support in 2013.

Why will you come for Asahi Ward of Fukaya-shi nofukatchanga Yokohama-shi?

We think that a lot of knowing people come, but Fukaya-shi, Saitama is said to be the ground of the birth of Kamakura military commander "Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama" related to Asahi Ward. There was the relationship, too, and Asahi Ward and Fukaya-shi deepened interchange from the old days.
That's why asahikuntofukkachanha relation is good.

Oh, yes, he/she has rushed to celebration last year in meeting on hafukkachangaasahikunnoo birthday.

Than flyer of inhabitant of a ward Festival of last year 

Well, plan "person that how is as for Shigetada" of summer vacation when such intimacy shinaasahikuntofukkachannimo can encounter Come over to library directly, or heno participation application is over telephone (045-953-1166), please☆

As we publish press release material (PDF440KB) again, please see by all means!

Origami de ASAHI

It is introduction of ASAHI made with origami today!

Inhabitant of a ward made ASAHI of two big things and small things with origami.
We seemed to be just made as hobby, but we persuaded the modest person and have had the consent of publication to homepage from too fantastic work.

Origami ASAHI

Form and color taste reappear well, too. More than anything, it is a word of impression when we see this work which origami woven carefully is piled up one by one, and is formed.

ASAHI was delight for appearance of the unexpected other self, too♪

What kind of person is Shigetada?

As the birth 850th anniversary of Kamakura military commander "Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama" of Asahi Ward connection, various events are planned in Asahi Ward this year!

We are going to carry out event for children called "person that how is Shigetada" in Asahi library from 14:00 on Saturday, August 2.
There are introduction of achievement of Prince Shigetada and presentation of picture-story show, and it is at opportunity to be able to learn while children of summer vacation enjoy.

Meet-and-greet event of ASAHI is planned on that day! Everybody, please go out. ASAHI waits, too♪

Come over to library directly after 9:30 on July 11, or application would like telephone (045-953-1166)☆

As for the details of this event, please see press release material (PDF440KB) of business of the 850th anniversary of the Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama birth!

It is the 25th! "'14 Asahi jazz Festival"

Summer annual event of meeting ru Asahi Ward "enshrines Asahi jazz" with the 25th in this year.
Please enjoy tone of jazz while being surrounded by rich nature in summer Asahi Ward♪

We are going to appear in Asahi Ward mascot character "ASAHI" on that day! Please come to play.

Asahi jazz Festival
Host Asahi jazz Festival executive committee
On the date From Sunday, July 27, 2014 11:45 to 20:40
(amateur stage: from 12:00 at 14:25 professional stage: from 15:00 at 20:40)
Venue Kodomo Natural Park baseball field
Admission Booking 3,000 yen, 4,000 yen (limited toward the student identification card presentation on student discount 2,000 yen = day) on that day ※Free of charge younger than junior high student

We came over this year! This season

"Work with light dress which we put together in season" that is one of the approaches to propel energy-saving action = coolbiz (Cool Biz) ※.
We are carrying out in Yokohama-shi from Wednesday, May 1.

(※) On hot day, they wear clothing which focused on breathability or sweat perspiration, quick-drying, and tie and jacket do not wear again,
We point to working in clothes which are easy to exceed heat.

At Asahi Ward government office, the staff wears polo shirt which is button-downed which one point embroidery of ASAHI entered secondary to last year,
We are practicing Cool Biz☆

The staff in ASAHI polo shirt
Member of Director General and Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section

(from the back row left navy, turquoise, brown
We wear peach, navy, white, black from the front row left)

There is a lot of staff having the second place, the third place as change use probably because it is easy to move coolly, and there is grace of color line nap of 12 colors.

In addition, we wear in not only the staff but also inhabitants of a ward recently and increase, and ASAHI is delight, too♪

We do our best this year with ASAHI to have many people interest in approach to energy-saving action more!

Do you not come to morning market of ASAHI?

On fourth Thursday, we hold "morning market of ASAHI" every month at Asahi Ward government office!
Quite popular plan (as for the press release material of "morning market of ASAHI" from this (PDF809KB)) to sell fresh local vegetables directly at ward office with "morning market of ASAHI."

Let alone vegetables, we sell flower and "ASAHI goods (※)" at the same time this year.

Morning market of ASAHI

As ASAHI may come to morning market to play, come to Asahi Ward government office by all means on fourth Thursday, everybody

ASAHI and volunteer everybody
With sale volunteers with a click

※Even citizen of Asahi Ward Cultural Center sun heart (the outside site) of Sotetsu Line Futamatagawa Station direct connection is selling ASAHI goods now other than stand on ward office the first floor of the basement!


[ASAHI goods sale area in stand]
As photograph which ASAHI photographed with mascot ® is displayed in this area, we can enjoy as slight mini gallery.

Birthday of Yokohama

ASAHI performed to the opening of a port feast day held in Rinko Park (Seaside Park) to celebrate birthday of Yokohama earlier on Sunday of June 1♪
We celebrate many mascot ® groups and opening of a port on the opening of a port feast day.
Colorful balloon shines in blue sky.


It is ... after ... ceremony

ASAHI: "It was wonderful ceremony ..."

ASAHI to look around

The staff: "asahikun, star ☆ Jean came!"

ASAHI: "Hmm"

asahikunto star Jean

ASAHI: "Wow! Star ☆ Jean, and we shake hands ♪"

asahikunto star Jean

ASAHI: "ngugu! Is it not slightly different? ?"

asahikunto star Jean

Finally, we were able to take a ceremonial photograph properly! After all, you are cool.

And, surprisingly, ASAHI challenged mascot ® walking race for the first time!

Jumped out lively, but ...

There was that it was fine and was ASAHI which was slightly getting completely exhausted a little bit.

It is during kana character [GOLD] card distribution

It is kana character card which we told about by article of the other day, but distributes GOLD card in (to 6/1-30) for a limited time in commemoration of the birth 850th anniversary of Kamakura military commander "Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama" of Asahi Ward connection in June.

Limited card ...

On earth what kind of design is it?

Ta-da. It is like this!

Kana character card
[of the 850th anniversary of the Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama birth]

After all, have a cute ASAHI dressed in armor (katchu) bravely; shin (*^^*). Introduction of Prince Shigetada Hatakeyama is published in the back side, too.
As it is attributive design, person with interest come to the 22nd window (Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section) of Asahi Ward government office by all means♪

The next outing of ASAHI?

Is by little recently, but if "go where, can encounter "ASAHI"?" It increased to have voice what♪
Thank you very much, everyone.

Therefore we send the next outing information this year this time!

Outing information
Date Venue Contents
Sunday, June 1
Rinko Park (Seaside Park) main stage The 33rd Yokohama opening of a port festival holding greetings with mascot ® (the outside site)
Sunday, June 1
The Rinko Park (Seaside Park) Little child mini-relay road race 2014 (the outside site)

※Time is time when event holds. As it is a part of these that ASAHI comes up, please be careful.

World's best proof

On November 23 of last year, ASAHI challenged that it was Hanyu-shi, Saitama if we recalled and was accomplished♪
Do you remember, everyone?

That's right! We participated in "mascot ® samitto in Hanyu" and we challenged world record of mascot character most meeting and were accomplished.

And this is the number one in the world! It is proof ... of this

Guinness certificate
[Guinness certificate]

When see well, around the middle letter of "Asahikun" (ASAHI)!
Memory carried on encounter and crane with many friends revives.
It was ASAHI to pray when we should be able to meet everybody of character who made friends somewhere again.

... discount ...

In fact, crane takes in ASAHI, venue of mascot ® samitto in Hanyu (?) We challenged this.

ASAHI loves the sky. ASAHI which is in high place is right the sun itself!

Kana character flock! We went to 2014

ASAHI, this year first outing were started at Atsugi-shi government office; "kana character flock! As for 2014 is.
At event that characters who played an active part in Kanagawa gathered in one place, ASAHI participated mainly in last year.
We could meet many friends who made friends after a long absence and were happy day last year.

Stage photograph
[stage photograph]

Photograph is stage; "is introducing "kana character card" of ASAHI.
(please see this (outside site) for more information about kana character card!)
We change version, and kana character card is going to introduce beautiful scenery of Asahi Ward more and more.
Please come to Asahi Ward government office to play now as you distribute at the 22nd window (Regional Promotion Division Lifelong Learning Support Section) of ward office☆

... discount ...

ASAHI had fan letter at this event for the first time! It was all the staff, great emotion including ASAHI in this!
Please support from now onASAHI

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