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[Asahi Ward public information video] We produced "charm of Asahi to feel to be one minute"!

Last update date March 1, 2019

A lot of charm of Asahi Ward produced video clogged up.
Figure of children carrying turnout, the future of aerial photography picture of village forest garden and Oiwake Shimin-no-Mori, Yokohama Asahi jazz Festival and local festival is projected.
As it becomes about one minute and short video, please see by all means in pockets of time or waiting time!

Video name

Broadcast time

We broadcast from October 1, 2018 and start

Broadcast place

YouTube Yokohama-shi formula channel "CityOfYokohama" Asahi Ward the first floor of the government office waiting for space, use of some inhabitants of a ward facility

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Asahi Ward General Affairs Department Ward Administration Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-954-6022

Telephone: 045-954-6022

Fax: 045-955-2856

E-Mail address [email protected]

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