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Summary of business of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth

Last update date October 8, 2019

Summary of commemorative project

  1. Basic way of thinking
  • We realize charm of Asahi Ward including rich nature again and do with opportunity making new charm of Asahi Ward for next 50 years.
  • Each inhabitant of a ward participates in and, in celebration of the Asahi Ward birth 50th anniversary, does new connection with opportunity to create.
  1. Period
  • Play vent period: From April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019
  • Main event period: From April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020
  1. Commemorative project

[point of commemorative project]

  • We keep comfortable nature alive and unfold around three areas.
    ⒶAround ward office, Tsurugamine, Ⓑ ZOORASIA, village forest garden, Ⓒ Kodomo Natural Park
  • It cooperates with various events to be carried out in ward.
    • Event in connection with Sagami Railway group in Kodomo Natural Park
    • Cooperation with the Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA opening of the park 20th anniversary
    • The downtown area of Sotetsu Line communicates directly
    • Rugby World Cup 2019™ holding (sightseeing demand of person from next town)
  • We make use of digital technology and succeed to memory and record.
List of commemorative projects
Business nameEffective time
Commemorative ceremony, celebrationSaturday, October 19, 2019
Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward FestivalSunday, October 20, 2019
ASAHI child care, nursery school open spaceWednesday, October 30, 2019
Asahi ZOORASIA relay road raceSaturday, January 25, 2020
ZOORASIA backyard tourSaturday, July 6, 2019, 13th Saturday ※It was finished
Village forest garden ZOORASIA quiz rallySaturday, September 28, 2019, 29th Sunday
Asahi Ward child sketch meetSaturday, June 8, 2019 ※It was finished
Yokohama Asahi jazz FestivalSunday, July 28, 2019 ※It was finished
Yokohama nature week 2019From Friday, May 17, 2019 to 19th Sunday ※It was finished
Sotetsu lock-on music 2019Saturday, November 16, 2019, 17th Sunday
Real treasure huntFrom Tuesday, October 1, 2019 to Sunday, December 1 (plan)
ASAHI picture book of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birthWednesday, September 11, 2019 reservation start
Primary schoolchild picture contestFrom Monday, December 3, 2018 to Tuesday, January 15, 2019 ※It was finished
Asahi Ward junior high student vibrio battle meetSaturday, November 30, 2019
The choice (Asahi 50 view) of scenery of Asahi Ward which we want to leave to the futureOctober, 2019 (we publish in magazine of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth)
Magazine of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birthOctober, 2019 issuance
50 years ... of Asahi Ward to be able to wave in Asahi Ward digital archive - photographOctober, 2019 homepage exhibition
MonumentWe install in the end of August, 2019
Asahi Ward public information videoWe are broadcasting from October, 2018
Cooperation business with area, group (executive committee authorization business)Good time

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