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Attention information

We introduce attention information including held event and PR information in few days.

Last update date October 17, 2019

Introduction leaflet of business of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth was completed!

We distribute in PR boxes of each station in Asahi Ward government office and Asahi Ward. Check it out!

Business holding information of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth

The 30th Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward Festival

Let's swell by festival of Asahi Ward maximum!

Held summary

  • Date
    Sunday, October 20 from 10:00 to 15:00 (executing the event on a light rainy day, stormy weather cancellation)
  • Venue
    Tsurugamine Park, handing over city park of armor, Asahi Ward government office
  • Conduct contents
    Conduct contents,Flyer (PDF: 8,568KB) of Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward FestivalPlease see this.
  • Access
    Sotetsu Line "Tsurugamine Station" drop off walk five minutes or bus "Tsurugamine Station" drop off walk three minutes
    ※Please refrain from visit by car. On the day parking lot of ward office is not available.
  • Sponsorship
    Asahi contact inhabitant of a ward Festival executive committee, Asahi Ward government office
  • Reference
    Person in charge of local action TEL: 045-954-6095, FAX: 045-955-3341

ASAHI child care nursery school open space

It is event for parent and child whom childminders of child-care facility or child care open space in ward go to. As plan of the 50th anniversary, we carry out walk rally in handing over city park of armor in addition to public hall. Time will enjoy nine corners in panel theater and ball pool, parent and child including sampling of snacks. In goal as for the present of ASAHI hand puppet♪

Held summary

  • Date
    Wednesday, October 30 10:00 ~15 time
  • Place
    Asahi public hall (the fourth floor of the ward office), handing over city park of armor ※It may become Asahi public hall in rainy day.
  • Object
    Parent and child before attendance at school
  • Conduct contents
    Page of ASAHI child care nursery school open spaceYou can see in this.
  • Others
    Entrance and exit freedom (there is stroller place in venue.)
  • Sponsorship
    ASAHI child care nursery school open space executive committee
  • Reference
    Childcare charge TEL: 045-954-6173, FAX: 045-951-4683

Recruitment of Asahi Ward junior high student vibrio battle conventionalists

We introduce own recommended book, and vibrio battle is "introduction communication game of book" to decide book which we wanted to read by vote most. At this meeting, junior high students in ward gather and they talk with recommended book about we met or how were attracted where by own words and do book which gathered the most votes with champ book of Asahi Ward.

Held summary

  • Date
    Saturday, November 30 13:00 ~16 time (the 30 minutes ago opening)
  • Place
    Citizen of Asahi Ward Cultural Center "sun heart"
  • Object
    Junior high student of residence, attendance at school in Asahi Ward
  • Application period
    From Tuesday, October 1 to 31st Thursday
    ※The details of application method,Page of event of Asahi libraryPlease see this.
  • Sponsorship
    Asahi library, Regional Promotion Division
  • Reference
    Person in charge of lifelong learning TEL: 045-954-6097, FAX: 045-955-3341

Recruitment of Asahi ZOORASIA relay road race 2020 participants

At this time of the 50th become held, and is double commemorative meeting with the Asahi Ward birth 50th anniversary. We make Olympics medalist of marathon, Eric wainaina guest runner and run in ZOORASIA of the New Year together. We expect for hot run that one participant is alone this year as we set personal section prize in addition to team commendation of average year in particular.

Held summary

  • Date
    Saturday, January 25, 2020
  • Place
    Yokohama Zoo "ZOORASIA"
  • Application period
    From Tuesday, October 15 to Friday, November 15
    ※The details such as application methodsPage of Asahi Ward Ekiden meet (Asahi ZOORASIA relay road race) businessPlease see this.
  • Sponsorship
    Asahi Ward Ekiden meet executive committee
  • Reference
    The Asahi Ward Ekiden meet executive committee secretariat (the Lifelong Learning Support Section)
    TEL: 045-954-6097, FAX: 045-955-3341

Real treasure hunt "look for rokkinadobenchakokoroodoru treasure!"

As for Asahi Ward and the Seya Ward reaching the ward administration 50th anniversary in October, 2019, experience-based rial treasure hunt event "look for rokkinadobenchakokoroodoru treasure in cooperation with the Sotetsu Building management as commemorative project!" We hold this.

  • What is real treasure hunt?
    Visiting towns, it is experience-based event to locate treasure chest while solving mystery with the help of "map of treasure" (participation booklet). We present premium to one that located treasure chest by lot.

Main visual of real treasure hunt

Held summary

  1. Asahi Ward course, Seya Ward course
    Period: From Tuesday, October 1 to Sunday, December 1
    Holding area: Futamatagawa Station and around Tsurugamine Station of Asahi Ward, Seya Station and around Mitsukyo Station of Seya Ward
    Holding time: From 10:00 to 17:00
  2. Lock-on course
    Period: Saturday, November 16, 17th Sunday ※It is two days-limited holding of SOTETSU LOCK ON MUSIC 2019!
    Holding area: Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi Kodomo Natural Park
    Holding time: From 10:00 to 16:00

Main distribution place of "map of treasure" (introduction booklet)

  • Asahi Ward government office (the second floor of the main building 23rd window)
  • Seya Ward government office (the third-floor 35th window)
  • Joey eggplant terrace 2, Futamatagawa (the third-floor information)
  • Sotetsu life Mitsukyo (the second-floor information)
  • Sotetsu Line each station (Asahi Ward, the Seya Ward) ※Futamatagawa Station, Minami-Makigahara Station, Tsurugamine Station, Kibogaoka Station, Mitsukyo Station, Seya Station

We are going to distribute "map of treasure" from Tuesday, September 24.


The details of event "map of treasure" or "hawk rush!" Please see homepage of (plan, production).
Hawk rush! Homepage (the outside site)

"ASAHI" became picture book!

Mascot character "ASAHI" of Asahi Ward became picture book.
As for the details, please see page of "ASAHI" picture book.

Image of "ASAHI" picture book

Work introduction of primary schoolchild picture contest

In page of primary schoolchild picture contest, we introduce prize-winning works.

Public information, PR information

PR of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth in two-pole banner

We go down stairs of the Sotetsu Tsurugamine Station north exit and install two-pole banner in arcade of Tsurugamine mall before eyes immediately. In the case of traffic, please see by all means.

Photograph of two-pole banner
Two-pole banner which we installed in Tsurugamine mall arcade

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