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Origin of the ward name

The ward name of "Asahi Ward" was decided in this way

Last update date January 25, 2019

Open call for participants of the ward name

We invited public participation about share ward ward name of new four wards to do from Minami Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Kohoku Ward and Totsuka Ward in "public information Yokohama" for December from November, 1968.

Open call for participants result

As for the share ward total number of application to the new ward name to do, there were 801 of them from Hodogaya Ward.

Order The ward name The number of the application

The first place

West Hodogaya 119
The second place The port west


The third place



The fourth place Fujimi 80
The fifth place Asahi 47
The sixth place Green 42
The seventh place Sagami 23
The eighth place Futamatagawa 17
The ninth place Kibogaoka 11
The tenth place seiho 6
  Others 254
The total   801

The choice of the ward name

In deference to majority of the application ward name from citizen, it was decided by discussion of ward name screening committee to constitute in the mayor, the deputy mayor, station Director General concerned.

Reason of the choice

About the ward name, did group application by inhabitants of designated area at first and concentrated on "Tsurugamine", but group application to object to that from other districts was provided as "west Hodogaya" "port west". Three high ranks produce phenomenon of local rivalry in this way, and "peak" of "Tsurugamine" is hard to further standardize character and might cause confusion for various registration.
In addition, the "west Hodogaya" "port west" has misleadingness with Nishi Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Kohoku Ward.
In this way, "Fujimi" "Asahi" "green" became candidate, but there was the least number of the number of strokes and was decided in "Asahi Ward" among these as style was clear briefly.

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