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Asahi Ward social movement support center information that "everybody comes" for

Last update date January 20, 2020

Under recruitment of "wonderful lifestyle from 40s" student attending a lectures

To brighten oneself in the future more; consecutive three times courses
From the first Thursday, January 30, 2020 half past 13 16:00 "skill in manner operation, conversation of shining woman"
From the second Friday, February 7, 2020 half past 13 16:00 "money management seminar for woman"
"To enjoy the second stage splendidly" at 16:00 from half past 13 on the third Thursday, February 20, 2020
"Everybody comes" venue Asahi Ward social movement support center
In the case of a lot of capacity 24 applicants, only lottery also-ran will inform later.
Application method window, telephone, fax
"Everybody comes" reference Asahi Ward social movement support center
Telephone 045-382-1000 fax 045-382-1005

Course event this year

Course, event until last year

*"It was helpful and issued guide multiple languages notation".

★Korean, Tagalog this (PDF: 1,740KB)
★English, Chinese this (PDF: 1,894KB)

We rent machine parts necessary for learning activity for eight days. (prior registration is necessary)

Free of charge

Word processor wireless amplifier cassette recorder projectors
Information for rental machine parts (PDF: 1,056KB)

(advance reservations are given priority)

Free of charge

Paper fold machine, cutter


Use (please offer paper, small change) of press

We perform lifelong learning support bank business (human resources registration system) to have you make use of knowledge and technique that inhabitant of a ward learned through various activities as volunteer in Asahi Ward in area. "All come" to circle and group which call registered person "lifelong learning adviser", and are looking for lecturer, but they introduce and help activity and the making of friend of.
To ask? The details such as wanting to register as adviser, please identify the following links.

We published Asahi Ward social movement support center group where we used and were registered with "everybody comes" according to genres. (politics, religion cannot publish for-profit group)
 Use of 2019 registration group list (PDF: 1,068KB)

We issued version "Asahi Ward circle guide" (PDF: 2,500KB) in November in 2019.
We are collecting information of circle moving into action around in Asahi Ward and public facilities of neighborhood ward sequentially now.
But politics, religion cannot publish for-profit group.

★When it is admitted that we correspond to any of the following, please note that you cannot use support center.
The use for the purpose of 1 profit or advertising
The use for support from candidate of political party of 2 identification or public office by election by popular vote or objection, the use for other political activities.
The use for support of religion of 3 identification or objection, the use for other religious activity.
The use that might disturb order of Prince 4 or good manners and customs.
When it was admitted that we had difficulty in 5 or other administration.

"Everybody comes" Asahi Ward social movement support center
Telephone: 382-1000
Fax: 382-1005

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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Telephone: 045-954-6095

Telephone: 045-954-6095

Fax: 045-955-3341

E-Mail address [email protected]

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