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Asahi Ward social movement support center information that "everybody comes" for

Last update date December 1, 2020

Course, event information

Course event this year

Course, event until last year

*"It was helpful and issued guide multiple languages notation".

★Korean, Tagalog this (PDF: 1,740KB)
★English, Chinese this (PDF: 1,894KB)

Circle guide"

We issued version "Asahi Ward circle guide" (PDF: 2,500KB) in November in 2019.
We are collecting information of circle moving into action around in Asahi Ward and public facilities of neighborhood ward sequentially now.
But politics, religion cannot publish for-profit group.

Lifelong learning adviser

We perform lifelong learning support bank business (human resources registration system) to have you make use of knowledge and technique that inhabitant of a ward learned through various activities as volunteer in Asahi Ward in area. "All come" to circle and group which call registered person "lifelong learning adviser", and are looking for lecturer, but they introduce and help activity and the making of friend of.

We register as lifelong learning adviser

You have you visit if we fill in matter (full name, Address, detailed contents which we can support and program to serve as a reference) indispensable to adviser registration application, and "everybody comes", and apply.
As for the details, please see (registration application) about the following adviser registration.
About adviser registration (registration application) (PDF: 873KB)

We want to ask for lifelong learning adviser

We want to ask for lifelong learning adviser
You call "everybody comes" or request of adviser visits, and apply.
As for the details, please give me request for following adviser nitsuiteogo *.
About request for adviser (PDF: 811KB)

Use of group registration

When you use and register, can do it

  • Of "the training room" and "lock-up, letter case for rent" can use
  • We can publicize activity by "display corner" "news that everybody comes" for
  • "Everybody comes", but group activity skill up workshop and exchange meeting of registration group to plan can participate

Group which we can register

Group where activity member met the more than two following requirements can register.

  • Being activity to perform voluntarily
  • Being activity that is not aimed for profit
  • Being activity for the purpose of contributing to the unspecified number of profit increases (utility)
  • Being activity in Asahi Ward, Yokohama-shi mainly

Procedure for registration

It becomes procedure that we have you visit.

  1. We have you visit if "everybody comes" and hear
  2. Please fill out use of group registration application
  3. Please submit application and material (the rules of a society and flyer, brochure to understand of activity)
  4. Examination
  5. After examination, we mail use of group registration document exchange ticket
  6. If "everybody comes", you visit, and please receive use of group registration document

We work on religious activity, political activity, election, and activity that might hurt its public interest is excluded.

Registration period

Two years until end of the fiscal year of the registration year
We perform update of registration every two years. You update in time for renewal of the year when expiration date expires from October through March, and please go through the procedure.

List of activity groups

We published Asahi Ward social movement support center group where we used and were registered with "everybody comes" according to genres. (politics, religion cannot publish for-profit group)
Use of 2020 registration group list (PDF: 1,443KB)

Rental of learning machine parts

We rent machine parts which are useful for lifelong learning activity and group activity free.
The use in hall becomes only the use registration group.
When we use rental machine parts out of hall, use of rental machine parts registration of user individual belonging to group is necessary.

  • Rental in hall: We accept from 1st four months before the use preferred date and start. Rental period at the time of use of training room
  • Rental out of the hall: We accept for four months of the use preferred date and start. Rental period is up to eight days

Use of rental machine parts registration

You offer health insurance card, driver's license that identity verification is possible, and please visit if "everybody comes".

List of rental machine parts

List of machine parts
Machine parts name In-hotel use The use out of the hall
PC *
Projector * *
Screen * *
CD radio and cassette player * *
16mm film projector * *
Amplifier (with two wireless microphones) * *
Pin microphone * *
Existence line microphone * *
Extension cord *
Tool for temporary childcare * *

Work corner

Press, paper fold machine, cutter are available for flyer, work of material making.
Reservation becomes given priority. We can make a reservation over telephone.

About machine parts


Pay: It is 10 yen together with 33 pieces of one piece of plate-making charges 40 yen print charges

Paper fold machine, cutter

Free of charge

Meeting corner

It is available for meeting and meeting by small number of people.
It does not need reservations. You make mutual concessions in rush hours, and please use.

The training room

The use registration group is available.
It is available as venues such as public interest-like course and workshop, meeting.

We change the use conditions such as capacity or the use time for prevention of new coronavirus infection.
For more details, please see the use guidelines that "everybody comes" for.  
The use guidelines (PDF: 148KB) that "everybody comes" for


It is for each 12 the training room 1, training room 2, training room 3
We can change and maintain size three rooms, and the training room can accommodate 50 people.

The use time

The use time
Day The morning The afternoon By night
Monday through Saturday From 9:00 to 12:45 From 13:00 to 16:45 From 17:00 to 20:45
Sundays and holidays From 10:00 to 12:45 From 13:00 to 16:15 None

About reservation

  • Use of group registration is necessary beforehand
  • Reservation becomes by three times a month
  • We accept from 1st (in January 4th) four months before month when the use is hoped for to the day. Please fill in use of training room application
  • When he/she makes a reservation over telephone, it becomes tentative reservation. You have you visit within one week, and please submit use of training room application

About the reservation start date (one day a month, January 4)

  • Reception desk at window: When there are multiple groups where reservation of the same date and time is hoped for as of 10:00, it becomes lottery
  • Reservation over telephone: We accept on first-come-first-served basis from 11:00 a.m.
The reservation start date
MON April May June July August September October November December January February March
SUN 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 4th 1st 1st
The use month August September October November December January February March April May June July

Locker, letter case for rent for rent

The use registration group is available.
Please refrain from storage of thing and valuables which personal information can identify.
Charge: Free of charge

  • Locker for rent: 32, key are not on. It is available for storage of materials and office supplies necessary for activity
  • Letter case for rent: 72, key are not on. It is available for storage of office supplies and information exchange between members

Period of use

  • It is one year of March 31 in the next year from up to four one day a month
  • Procedure for application is necessary every year

Application method

Group which you wish to use, group which it continues and wish to use are registered with representative or contact information during application period and visit, and please submit application.
In the case of majority, group you like becomes lottery and may not meet requirements.
You can apply if there are any spaces during the year.
Offer period, From February 1 of last year when the use is hoped for to the end of February

Information paper news that "everybody comes" for

When it is admitted that we correspond to any of the following, please note that you cannot use support center.
The use for the purpose of 1 profit or advertising
The use for support from candidate of political party of 2 identification or public office by election by popular vote or objection, the use for other political activities.
The use for support of religion of 3 identification or objection, the use for other religious activity.
The use that might disturb order of Prince 4 or good manners and customs.
When it was admitted that we had difficulty in 5 or other administration.

"Everybody comes" Asahi Ward social movement support center
Telephone: 045-382-1000
Fax: 045-382-1005

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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