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2017 Asahi Ward budget

"Promotion costs made with a certain unit-related ward" are voluntary budgets that were founded to be independent, and to be able to work in business that paid its attention to correspondence of familiar problem, request of area (inhabitant of a ward) and individuality of ward.

Last update date February 4, 2019

Way of thinking of 29, Heisei fiscal budget

 Nature is rich, and, with Futamatagawa Station south exit redevelopment and maintenance of the eastern part area line pushed forward in compilation of the budget of the making of a certain Asahi Ward unit-related ward promotion costs now in 2017, whole country urban greening Yokohama fair held from March, 2017 and future trend surrounding Asahi Ward including the administration of a ward 50th anniversary for 31 years in mind, domiciliation intention aims at town which anyone can spend lively while local action makes use of prosperous characteristic highly.
 "Making the healthy future" puts emphasis for no realization "raising charm" of "hometown Asahi" and, in conduct of business, pushes forward which "we continue living in peace in area that lived so long" which even ward administration policy shows.

1 is area that lived so long and continues living in peace

 We watch and are enriched by visit and consultation, the support system so that anyone can live a life in the Asahi Ward which aging advances to in peace in area.
 In addition, we improve anti-stress in area for disaster and push forward approach that inhabitants of a ward can continue spending in peace at disaster in the time of peace.

Main business

 Activity support project of local welfare officer for the making of local connection, the making of ward business resisting disaster, the making of elderly person purpose of life support project

We make the future when 2 is healthy

 We perform support that continued and push forward community development which can do child care in peace without standing alone from the pregnancy period, the infants period to puberty. In addition, pressure begins exercise custom promotion business for password by "Asahi walking movement construction!" exercise, nutrition, Dentistry more to have ward inhabitant be conscious of health from various aspects such as non-smoking promotion.

Main business

 Healthy life support project - Asahi walking movement construction ..., nursery school area child care support project, school cooperation, young people's support project

We raise charm of 3 "hometown Asahi"

 We perform PR of "special dish of ASAHI", maintenance, dispatch and agriculture experience business of culture, tourist attraction and aim at improvement in charm discovery and attachment degree of Asahi Ward and start preparations business for the constituency system 50th anniversary and connect with local activation.
 Because village forest garden venue of national urban greening Yokohama fair is located in Asahi Ward in total, advance and send approach to have "hometown Asahi" that is full of green realize to widely citizen's.

Main business

 ASAHI charm discovery business, attractive PR business of "agriculture" of Asahi Ward, attractive up business of Asahi Ward by water, green

Business plan

Budget of the past fiscal year

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