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The budget for 2019 Asahi Ward "making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs"

"Promotion costs made with a certain unit-related ward" are voluntary budgets that were founded to be independent, and to be able to work in business that paid its attention to correspondence of familiar problem, request of area (inhabitant of a ward) and individuality of ward.

Last update date February 7, 2020

Way of thinking of 31, Heisei fiscal budget

In 2019, we reach the Asahi Ward birth 50th anniversary and are year of turning point where town development including the opening of business of line direct to Sotetsu, JR greatly moves. We arrest with start point to solve problem to surround progress of low birthrate and aging, the downtown area recurrence of population, ward including decrease in child care generation and develop various approaches. In addition, we challenge approach as the suburbs region model of "SDGs city of the future" chosen in last June by country and, furthermore, in addition to citizen cooperation to advance in large-scale housing complex, plan correspondence to problem highlighted by natural disaster that occurred successively last year including West Japan heavy rain and Hokkaido Iburi in eastern earthquake.
In 2019, we put emphasis in these items and push forward approach for town development to spread of possibility to the future.

Water, town ... which is connected by green, flower, sports, culture which celebrates the 50th anniversary, and is kind to attractive dispatch - child care to "chosen town Asahi"

We celebrate the Asahi Ward birth 50th anniversary with inhabitants of a ward and do new connection with opportunity to create. In addition, it is healthy even if it becomes old kindly, and dispatch creates charm of Asahi Ward to be able to live for well for child care while making use of approaches of culture, sports to bring up Kodomo Natural Park and ZOORASIA, environment getting close to water, green, flower including village forest garden and people who have been cultivated until now, and to bring about connection. With the opening of business of line direct to Sotetsu, JR, we do in year of start to realize "chosen town Asahi" in multi-generation commencing with child care generation for the future.

Creation of the suburbs of SDGs city of the future part model

We further promote large-scale housing complex reproduction model construction business in connection with Housing and Architecture Bureau and plan business deployment of the citizen cooperation window "SDGs front desk" in Wakabadai housing complex by collaboration of area, company, administration and complex problem solution by various partnership including cooperation with university in Sakonyama housing complex and aim at realization of the suburbs region model of "SDGs city of the future, Yokohama".

Town to be able to live on security for in peace

We plan securing of power supply and penetration expansion to inhabitant of a ward of disaster prevention hazard map that prepared for blackout for a long time caused by earthquake or typhoon and expand storage to strengthen the acceptance system of practical training and refugee at the welfare refuge. In the field of welfare, we start development of the fourth "community-based welfare health planning" and promote community development to be able to live for in peace even if we suffer from dementia and work on enlightenment that targeted independence support of the life poor particularly the young group.

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