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2017 Asahi Ward administration policy

Last update date January 11, 2019

Basic aim

Town Asahi where possibility spreads through towards the future
... "relief" "healthy" "oldness" and ...

Measure for accomplishment

"Oldness and Asahi" where each inhabitant of a ward can live in in good health in peace

1 is area that lived so long and continues living in peace

Reinforcement of disaster prevention, anti-crime program power
Through administration support of evacuation shelter and support of neighborhood watch, we push forward approach that inhabitants of a ward can spend in security, relief.
The formation of sustainable community
We push forward large-scale housing complex reproduction model construction business and construction of local inclusion care system that fixed their eyes on the Year 2025 Problem (note), and anyone pushes forward community development to be able to live for in peace.
(note) the Year 2025 Problem: The baby boom generation is as above 75 years old in 2025, and becoming progresses, and declining birthrate, small scale of household increase to necessary elderly person of support in total, and ratio of leading figure is problem to decrease.

We make the future when 2 is healthy

We support rich growth of children
Other than child care support based in nursery school, school, home, area cooperates and supports rich growth of children.
Promotion of approach to postpone healthy life expectancy
We promote walking for password by "Asahi walking movement construction!" and hold sporting event of Asahi Ward tradition and push forward approach of health promotion.

We raise charm of 3 "hometown Asahi"

Activation that we made use of local resources in
Of solution and local action of local problem carry, and, for shorthanded cancellation, support local action including opening of a course of new asahimirai cram school. 
Approach examination for the constituency system 50th anniversary
We establish executive committee and examine approach to realize charm of Asahi Ward again, and to further breed oldness and consciousness, and to do with opportunity of the making of new charm for future Asahi Ward.

Organization administration for accomplishment

Administrative services of sympathy and trust

We greet all of you made the next agency warmly and correct quickness is polite and is easy to get close and provides high over-the-counter service of satisfaction and acts for improvement of government building environment.

Community development by collaboration

We push forward problem solution with area on each staff having posture of collaboration, and supporting in cooperation with station while snuggling up to area.

Organization which shows maximum power

Keep improvement of specialized ability and effective duties in mind, and learn together, and bring up;, as "team "ASAHI", show maximum power.

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