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2016 Asahi Ward administration policy

Last update date January 11, 2019

Basic aim

Town Asahi where possibility spreads through towards the future
... "relief" "healthy" "oldness" and ...

Measure for accomplishment

"Oldness and Asahi" where each inhabitant of a ward can live in in good health in peace

1 is area that lived so long and continues living in peace

The third Asahi Ward community-based welfare health pipelaying
Commencing with construction of local inclusion care system (note), inhabitants of a ward assist in area and push forward approach to wait, and to make Asahi Ward to be able to live a happy life with health.
(note) local inclusion care system: The system that medical care, care, the prevention, house, life support are provided integrally in area that lived so long even if care is in a necessary condition
Community development which resists disaster
We push forward community development which is strong in support of training in evacuation shelter and maintenance of disaster prevention equipments, disaster including operation of WEB camera which can identify water level of Katabira River again.

We make the future when 2 is healthy

We watch children in area and bring up
Other than child care support based in nursery school, school, home, area cooperates and supports rich growth of children.
Promotion of health promotion
We push forward approach to postpone healthy life expectancy including promotion of food education and hold sporting event of Asahi Ward tradition and push forward health promotion of inhabitants of a ward.

We raise charm of 3 "hometown Asahi"

Approach that took advantage of national urban greening Yokohama fair
Taking the opportunity of holding of tree planting fair, we emphasize charm of Asahi Ward blessed with water and green in the whole country.
Activation that we made use of local resources in
We hold "asahimirai cram school" which is the making of opportunity after starting local action, and recommended food and drink of Asahi Ward publicizes "special dish of ASAHI" and works on local activation.

Organization administration for accomplishment

Tissue that each staff can play an active part lively "team "ASAHI"

Administrative services of sympathy and trust

The Asahi Ward staff greets all of you made the next agency warmly and correct quickness is polite and provides over-the-counter service that it is easy to get close to.

Posture to snuggle up to area

We think about local problem with local all of you and push forward "community development by collaboration" to work on for solution with responsibility.

Organization which shows maximum power

We keep improvement of specialized ability and effective duties in mind and deepen communication and show maximum power as team "ASAHI".

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