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When public information is not available

Last update date March 28, 2019

In "public information Yokohama", size of a book becomes tabloid from May, 2005 issue and we integrate ward version and all cities version and send

"Public information Yokohama" (one day a month issuance) integrates ward version and all cities version which we placed information every ward in where we published all city-like news in and distributes through Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations. When you are not distributed by moving, ask Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations of district to live. In addition, when you do not know contact information of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, you have you hear toward the neighborhood, or ask person in charge of ward office local action.
In addition, we distribute even the next method. For more details, ask ward office Public Relations Section.

Distribution to door-to-door family

You have you propose to ward office Public Relations Section (the first-floor first window) directly, or apply on the telephone. We send from the next month issue from door to door every month when we have you propose by 10th.

Distribution to public information distribution group

Around 20 households gather as public information distribution group and have you decide person in charge of distribution and send to ward office Public Relations Section to notice keitadakerepa, person in charge of distribution in a lump.

The use of PR box

As you are put in "Yokohama-shi PR box" at public facilities and station in ward at the beginning of the month, take.

Reading on homepage

Ward version is page of Asahi Ward, and, as for all cities version, you can see information of all pages each in page of Civic Affairs Bureau. In addition, all cities version delivers electron by mail.

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Telephone: 045-954-6022

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