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Traffic Safety Campaign

Last update date November 13, 2018

Desk work contents

We carry out public information enlightenment activity for each inhabitant of a ward layer from elementary school student to elderly person to plan prevention of traffic accident in ward, improvement of consciousness of road safety.

  • Conduct of Traffic Safety Campaign
  • Conduct of road safety education
  • Conduct of road safety measures
  1. As for the illegal parking exile, it is assistance to district meeting
  2. Assistance to school zone measures meeting
  3. Participation in each season platform campaign
  4. Holding of ASAHI security/safety fair
    ※Winning work of road safety poster contest (sponsorship: road safety mother's meeting) was published in "national Traffic Safety Campaign, Kanagawa conduct summary of the spring of 2015" in 2014 when we carried out commendation ceremony by ASAHI security/safety fair.
    Prize-winning work

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