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Citizen of the 40th Asahi Ward school festival

Last update date August 1, 2019

Recruitment of performers

Stage photograph of gathering of music

As place of announcement of culture artwork of inhabitants of a ward, we hold citizen of Asahi Ward school festival.
It recruits performers to be able to participate in many of you more.
In addition, please apply after checking the application point as application method varies according to division.

Application division
Division The date Venue
Hula Wednesday, October 2 Asahi public hall
Dancing (3 groups) It is Friday for 11 days from Wednesday, October 9 Asahi public hall
Flower arrangement exhibition It is Friday for 11 days from Wednesday, October 9 Asahi public hall
The first floor of the ward office
Reading Wednesday, October 11 Asahi public hall
gineigeinosai Sunday, October 27 Asahi public hall
Gathering of music Sunday, November 3 Asahi public hall

Work offer

Photograph of inhabitant of a ward exhibition

Person of residence, working, attendance at school in ward (adult) recruits works of constructed group or individual.
Work applies to unpublished thing in picture, book, crafts, photograph, haiku, tanka. Exhibition charges are 500 yen per one point.
Size of work please apply after checking the exhibition application point for more information about carrying.

Held summary

During periods from Wednesday, October 2 to Sunday, December 8, citizens of Asahi Ward announces result of everyday cultural activities.
Please arrive casually. Entrance is free.

Schedule Event name Venue
Wednesday, October 2 Opening ceremony, hula Asahi public hall
Friday, October 4 The investigation by Taisho lyre Asahi public hall

From Wednesday, October 9 to 11th Friday

Flower arrangement exhibition

Asahi public hall
The first floor of the ward office

Wednesday, October 9 Dancing (association of dancing) Asahi public hall
Thursday, October 10 Dancing (odorou society) Asahi public hall
Friday, October 11 Dancing (woman group), reading Asahi public hall
Sunday, October 27 gineigeinosai Asahi public hall
Sunday, November 3 Gathering of music Asahi public hall
Thursday, November 14 Folk song which bun owes song to in this way Asahi public hall
Sunday, November 17 Jazz Day Asahi public hall
It is Monday for 25 days from Sunday, November 21 Inhabitant of a ward exhibition The sun heart
Sunday, December 8 Festival of ballet Asahi public hall

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