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The 28th Asahi Ward calligraphy exhibition (open call for participants)

Last update date March 30, 2020

This event was finished

Display scenery

As business this time of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth, other than display of calligraphy work, is meetingCalligraphyWe had you carry out (kigo) (performance of calligraphy).
Thanks to you, we appreciate your arriving to many people.

Calligraphy work offer

We invite public participation for calligraphy work. We look forward to application of wide generation.
Object: Person of residence, working, attendance at school in ward (more than high school student)
Work type: Kanji, kana, modern-style poetry, carved character ※One point of one
Work appearance: Thing of non-mounting ※We ask designated supplier for mounting (sum, frame, axis) collectively.
Work dimensions: Rolled letter paper, rolled letter paper a half, rolled letter paper a one-third ※Length and breadth freedom
Exhibition charges: 5,500 yen
Application period: From July 31 to August 4
Application method: We enclose exhibition vote, work (thing of non-mounting), fixed-amount money order (for exhibition charges 5,500 yen, we issue at post office) and mail by must arrive in period to the secretariat
Offer regulations: We are distributing for the second floor of the ward office 22nd window, each the ward district center, sun heart

Work display

The date and time: It is from 10:00 to 18:00 on Monday for 30 days from Friday, September 27 ※It is finished at 16:00 on the last day
Place: Asahi, Yokohama-shi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center sun heart (1-3, Futamatagawa, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi)
Special display:mei*(we conform to niece)Model of old handwriting major(kohitsuotekagami) others
Sponsorship: Association of person of Asahi Ward calligraphy
The cosponsorship: Asahi Ward culture promotion society, Asahi Ward government office

Group reference

The association of person of Asahi Ward calligraphy secretariat
Waist mound
Address: 〒 240-0051 775, Kamisugedacho, Hodogaya-ku
Telephone: 045-381-7364

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