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[cancellation] To a bright shine 1 year old child ☆Toothbrushing classroom

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we cancel business until June.

Last update date May 18, 2020


Story of the cavity prevention, toothbrushing advice, examination of cavity bacteria of protector

2020 schedule

Conduct dayObjectThe reservation reception desk start dateTimeVenue name
Friday, April 17It was born in June, 2019 from February, 2019Wednesday, March 11From 10:00 to 11:00
(from reception desk 9:40)
Asahi Ward the third floor of the government office
Thursday, May 28It was born in July, 2019 from March, 2019Monday, April 13
Tuesday, June 30It was born in August, 2019 from April, 2019Monday, May 11
Friday, July 31It was born in September, 2019 from May, 2019Thursday, June 11
Tuesday, August 11It was born in October, 2019 from June, 2019Monday, July 13
Thursday, September 24It was born in November, 2019 from July, 2019Tuesday, August 11
Thursday, October 29It was born in December, 2019 from August, 2019Friday, September 11
Friday, November 27It was born in January, 2020 from September, 2019Monday, October 12
Thursday, December 10It was born in February, 2020 from October, 2019Wednesday, November 11
Friday, January 29It was born in March, 2020 from November, 2019Friday, December 11
Friday, February 26It was born in April, 2020 from December, 2019Tuesday, January 12
Thursday, March 25It was born in May, 2020 from January, 2020Friday, February 12


20 sets (the first arrival)
※We can take lectures even if not teething.

Application method

Need reservations. Apply at the following.


  • Mother and child health handbook
  • Toothbrush (toothbrush using now) of child

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Telephone: 045-954-6146

Telephone: 045-954-6146

Fax: 045-953-7713

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