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Consultation of child care

Last update date May 18, 2020

Child, home support consultation

Telephone consultation

Consultation about child care to "Asahi Ward child, home support consultation."
At first, do you not talk on the telephone?

  • Phone number 954-6160

Window consultation

Health nurse, member of Education Counseling, counselor at school, nursery staff think together.
Please contact beforehand if you would like to have a talk. (day when we can have a talk may be limited by consultation contents.)

  • Consultation day: From Monday to Friday (on holiday, it is excluded for New Year holidays)
  • Time: From 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Anonymity is fine. We keep absolutely quiet about secret.

Consultation example about baby/infant, infant

About baby/infant

  • We do not drink mother's milk and milk
  • Color of shit is unusual and is worried
  • The weight does not increase
  • We keep crying and do not sleep at night
  • Tell place that can participate in parent and child

About infant

  • Bed-wetting is not recovered
  • We are naughty, and be brought up even if we scold and feel hate
  • Words do not readily increase
  • There are curious habit and feelings
  • We cannot play with friend

Consultation example about the small, junior high student

  • When it is morning, "having a stomach ache" says, "we do not want to go to school"
  • Tardy increased
  • It was said, "it is restless" from teacher
  • We may be tormented at school
  • Life was disturbed (cigarette motorcycle, shoplifting)
  • It was lived a life that noon and night reversed

Consultation example about rearer

  • We do not know how we should let you play
  • Child does not think cutely
  • We swat when irritated
  • We are troubled with acquaintance between parents
  • We do not hear that child says recently
  • We want to know correspondence to child

It is message from counselor

Health nurse

That, from pregnant thing, growth of child develops; provide consultation. In addition, please talk casually without holding hard part of child care alone.

Member of Education Counseling

Please contact if troubled with thing about overall school life of the small, junior high student. We believe possibility of child and will think together.

Counselor at school

We take message from child and think about thing which child seeks, relation together. We will support healthy growth of child together.

Nursery staff

Do you not talk about worry and anxiety to the first communal living? We will think together.

In addition, we talk about once a week by child care supporter in each consultation venue.
In the consultation venue by child care supporter, please see this.

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Telephone: 045-954-6151

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