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[we stop until the end of June] Baby classroom

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we will stop until the end of June. We are very sorry that we cause inhabitants of a ward trouble. The latest information, please identify homepage sequentially. Please connect with child, home support consultation (045-954-6160) casually if it may be worry, anxiety. In addition, we put ASAHI native forest ... child, child care support special site ... together, and please see.

Last update date June 1, 2020


※In schedule of 2020, please see "invitation to 2020 baby lesson" (PDF: 244KB).
For details, please refer to following responsible.

ASAHI native forest ... child, child care support special site ...

We place information to be useful for contents and child care telling about in baby classroom. Please see from this by all means.

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Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

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Telephone: 045-954-6150

Fax: 045-951-4683

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