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After-School Care Program Clubs (Schoolchildren's Day Care)

Last update date July 16, 2020

With After-School Care Program Clubs

We carry out the cause of local understanding and cooperation in the daytime to spend after school when children such as families where do not have protector are safe, and they are rich.

After-School Care Program Clubs summary
Open day Until Monday through Saturday a week. (except holiday, New Year holidays)
(note) vary according to clubs.
Open time Weekday…In 1st more than six hours until 7:00 p.m.
On Saturday long-term closure periods…In 1st more than ten hours until 7:00 p.m.
(note) vary according to clubs. For more details, please ask each club.
Target elementary school student Elementary school student which it is elementary school student entering elementary school living in the city, and corresponds to any of the following.
  1. Family do not have protector in time (time equivalent in) in the time concerned except school holiday (Sunday) when the elementary school student concerned comes home by labor.
  2. Even if protector is in home due to healthy high quality in the daytime, do not boil environment that you can raise soundly of the elementary school student concerned.
Fees Please ask each club directly.
Application Please ask each club directly.

After-School Care Program Clubs in Asahi Ward

List of Asahi Ward After-School Care Program Clubs
Name Address Phone number
Kibogaoka district Schoolchildren's Day Care rainbow club (the outside site) 9-4, Zenbucho 365-3245
Sakonyama after-school child day care smile 16-1, Sakonyama Sakonyama housing complex 1-33-203 351-0293
Hiba arborvitae after-school child day care (the outside site) 142-7, Higashikibogaoka 361-3506
House naughtiness (the outside site) of schoolchild 12-5, Honshukucho 362-3952
Wakabadai center schoolchild nursery school 3-2-101, Wakabadai 922-5533
Naughtiness house 2-21-20, Tsurugamine Kawamoto Building 2F 371-0341
Ichizawa after-school child day care (the outside site) 85-7, Ichizawacho 374-0907
Friend club 3, Makigahara firewood is the original beloved child garden 361-0633
Sasanodai spirit kids After-School Care Program Clubs 3-48-11, Sasanodai 365-4011
After-School Care Program Clubs second little child house Wow, it is G the second floor of Kibogaoka Nakakibogaoka 94-6 465-4362
Guy has; after-school child day care 194, Nakakibogaoka 744-8835
Guy has; the second after-school child day care 202, Nakakibogaoka 744-7468
We meet and do not know After-School Care Program Clubs (the outside site) 2-46-1, Tsurugaminehoncho BF apartment house 203-205 070-5561-2821

Of others is elementary school student healthy upbringing office after school

Of others is elementary school student healthy upbringing office after school
Name Address Phone number
Global kids Minamimakigahara after-school child day care 127, Kashiwacho KNOCKS minamakimirai 1F 364-3113

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