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Nursery school support corps of the town of all

Last update date July 25, 2019

Recruitment of nursery school support corpses of the town of all

In nursery school in Asahi Ward, we raise support corpses of nursery school (free volunteer).
Support corps has children tell care and tradition play of flower with children of nursery school and thinks that I would like support of nursery school in each expertise.

At activity contents, time, the number of times becomes adjustment with each nursery school.
Lend your power to nursery school by all means.
We apply and will be waiting.

State of support corps

Rubber charge account of hat

Rubber charge account of hat

The making of field

The making of field



Application method

In individual or group, please enroll in each nursery school.
There is volunteer registration form in each nursery school. We can download from this page. For more details, please contact each nursery school.

The present participation garden (July, 2019)
The garden name The location Phone number
Chitose nursery school 60-2, Imagawacho 364-6332
Nishikawa Island nursery school 134-1, Nishikawashimacho 373-0257
Tsurugamine nursery school 1-64-1, Tsurugamine 373-6523
Uenohara nursery school 104-5, Otakacho 370-1152
Poplar nursery school 1-25-11, Tsurugamine 382-4523
ohana Tsurugamine nursery school 2-30-1, Tsurugamine 372-0870
Sakonyama nursery school 1997, Sakonyama 351-1907
Imajuku nursery school 2000-4, Imajukuminamicho 953-2306
Kawai accommodation nursery school 98-1, Tsuokacho 951-2877
Hikarigaoka nursery school 795, Kamishiranecho 953-2081
Shirane nursery school Shirane 7-31-3 953-1007
Nakao nursery school Nakao 1-17-3 362-1333
Oak nursery school 59-1, Kashiwacho 361-8887
Solar child Sachigaoka nursery school Mt. 52-7, Sachigaoka Irvine large the first floor 369-1430
Nakakibogaoka nursery school 147, Nakakibogaoka 363-1407
Kids village horsetail nursery school 4-11-19, Sasanodai 360-6656
Good department nursery school 44-7, Zenbucho 364-5111
Wakabadai nursery school 2-20-1, Wakabadai 921-3161

Downloading of registration vote

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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Telephone: 045-954-6151

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