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Car temporariness service permission application (the temporary number)

Last update date July 4, 2019

With car temporariness service permission system

Of application to let car (explanatory note 1) which must not offer for one of service travel with service permission on road in car temporariness when there is, in the case of identification set of Road Vehicles Law, limit purpose and course by temporary service of car only for (explanatory note 2), and, only for a fixed period of time, give permission of minimum degree.
Explanatory note 1: With car which you must not offer for one of service

  • Non-registration car
  • Validity expiration car of automatic car inspection visa

Explanatory note 2: In the case of identification determined by Road Vehicles Law

  • Examination of continuation of car that validity of automatic car inspection visa (vehicle inspection certificate) expired
  • New registration of erasion registered car
  • The forwarding in sale purpose of car that validity of vehicle inspection certificate expired, erasion registered car or car before vehicle registration by import
  • Procedures for re-grant by theft of the number

We have you offer at the time of application

  • Automatic car inspection visas (thing which can confirm body number and car name, shape of the body)
  • The original (as for the copy, impossible) of identification of automobile third party liability insurance
  • When we are applied in individuals, we can confirm Address such as driver's licenses
  • Yokohama-shi income certificate stamp (for 750 yen)

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