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Tuberculosis, infectious disease

Last update date January 29, 2020

About infectious disease

When infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or O157 occur, it is important to prevent that the infection spreads. Therefore, we receive report of outbreak of infectious disease from medical institution in Health and Welfare Center and act for grasp of outbreak trend of infectious disease and act for prevention of infection spread.

Infectious disease topics

About pneumonia in conjunction with new coronavirus

After December, 2019, patients with pneumonia in conjunction with new coronavirus are confirmed around Chinese Hubei Wuhan City.
Basic prophylaxis such as "brisk hand-washing" "cough etiquette" is effective to prevent infection.
For more details, please confirm page of City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau.


It is infectious disease that is caused by breathing in tubercle bacillus which patients with pulmonary tuberculosis released in spray such as a cough directly. It was called national illness once, but around 30 are diseases that they must never forget becoming sick in Asahi Ward newly in the year. If symptom similar to a cold including a cough, sputum, fever lasts nearly two weeks, I would like consultation with medical institution.

E. coli O157

Escherichia coli is bacteria which there is a lot to human bowels, but, of these, there is thing waking up enteritis such as intense diarrhea and is called pathogenic Echerichia coli. "E. coli O157" is representative pathogenic Echerichia coli making strong toxin called verotoxin, and oral is transmitted.


The feature is that gastroenteritis due to norovirus occurs from winter to the early spring, and nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea (geri), slight fever are angry in 1-2 days after eating. Norovirus is easy to pollute stool of patient and the second from vomiting; is characteristic.


In addition to fever, headaches, arthralgia, muscular pains 38 degrees Celsius or more, symptoms such as sore throat, nasal mucus, a cough are seen when we suffer from influenza. Furthermore, it develops bronchitis, pneumonia, and it is characteristic of influenza that is often aggravated. It is prevalent in around the beginning of March from the end of December in usual.

Infectious disease in foreign countries

Opportunities of overseas travel increased, but there is area where infectious diseases not to be seen occur frequently in abroad in Japan, and traveling obtains information about beforehand local infectious disease, and attention is necessary for such an area.

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