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We carry out "walking stamp rally meeting"!

We collect plan, stamps of the 50th anniversary of ... Asahi Ward birth and will get present

Last update date October 17, 2019

We push forward approach to spread walking for password for the purpose of health promotion of inhabitants of a ward by "Asahi walking movement construction" in Asahi Ward. We carry out "stamp rally meeting" secondary to last year so that many inhabitants of a ward are a chance to begin walking alone. You wait with family and friend, and do you not do walk while circulating through community care plaza in Asahi Ward? We offer wonderful present to person who collected stamps. Please participate!

Conduct contents

It is stamp rally meeting to attract ASAHI original stamps while walking 13 places of community care plazas in Asahi Ward and distance to Asahi Ward government office.

Implementation period

Until from Monday, November 11, 2019 to Friday, December 13

If we collect stamps more than five!

We give "walking ASAHI original mini-towel" as prize for participation!
We present one of Ⓐ, Ⓑ by lot!

ⒶWalking ASAHI original sports towel (imabari product) 300 people in 2019 for

Ⓑ"ASAHI picture book" of the 50th anniversary of the Asahi Ward birth 50 people

※We publish sample of prize for participation and lottery present in stamp rally notebook.

During stamp rally period, we can measure body composition meter!

We carry out around two times a week of measurement experience meetings (please confirm stamp rally notebook on the measurement day.) of body composition meter in each community care plaza only for the inside during stamp rally period. It is useful for health care very much to be conscious of body composition such as fat, muscle, bone, moisture. When you push stamp, do you not record measurement &?

※The details, please identify stamp rally notebook.
※We distribute stamp rally notebook in each the Asahi Ward community care plaza and Asahi Ward government office Health and Welfare Division (the third-floor 30th window) from Monday, November 11, 2019.

Community care plaza in Asahi Ward

List of community care plazas in Asahi Ward
Community care plaza name Phone number Address
Makigahara community care plaza 045-362-1222 4, Makigahara
Kamishirane community care plaza 045-951-3967 112, Kamishiranecho
Sakonyama community care plaza 045-353-1121 1186-2, Sakonyama
Kawai community care plaza 045-955-1111 57-8, Kawaihoncho
Wakabadai community care plaza 045-923-8831 4-16-1, Wakabadai
Tsurugamine community care plaza 045-382-6070 1-38-3, Tsurugamine
Imajuku community care plaza 045-392-0309 2647-2, Imajukucho
Hikarigaoka community care plaza 045-953-6890 807-2, Kamishiranecho
Minamikibogaoka community care plaza 045-360-5095 72-3, Minamikibogaoka
Imajuku west community care plaza 045-958-1251 410-1, Imajukunishicho
Sasanodai community care plaza 045-367-2330 2-32-1, Sasanodai
Shirane community care plaza 045-958-2571 Shirane 2-3-18 pearl Yokohama the second floor of Shirone Building
Futamatagawa community care plaza 045-361-1776 Futamatagawa 2-50-14 co; pre-Futamatagawa commerce duties the sixth floor of the ridge

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