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Asahi Ward walk guide "MAP in ho tsu ho"

Everyday walk keeps. GO,GO!PO,PO!

Last update date March 10, 2020

In "ho tsu ho thought that put in MAP" (poppodemappu)

When he/she does not readily hear that child says,
At last when we assumed "pe" when we thought rice whether you ate,
When we never sleep to get to sleep…
When we are doing child care, there is much stress every day. But,
When we came to be able to make that child was new into,
When we are playing with picture book and toy happily,
When we are sleeping comfortably peacefully…
At time when "poppo" and heart warm, we may be reliable.
When we walk two promenades which we put on this map, he/she should have such a warm feeling,
With wish called this, we hung "poppo" and "ho" and made "MAP in ho tsu ho".
We are glad if he/she puts pretty footprint becoming big in two promenades a lot day by day.

With "MAP in ho tsu ho"…

It is walk map which assumed "let's walk in parent and child" concept.
There are two kinds of course walking downtown leisurely and course to walk slightly with an effort.
As well as the highlight of course, information to be useful when we walk with diaper spare space and parent and child including nursing room appears.
Palm size can fold and is with pretty seal of ASAHI (eight pieces of 4 designs).
We distribute in community care plazas in Asahi Ward government office window and Asahi Ward.
We plan plan using "MAP in ho tsu ho" in around the autumn of 2020.

We download "MAP in ho tsu ho"!

We can download walk course appearing in map from the following with two kinds.

Introduction of walk course

①Downtown aimlessly walking course (Futamatagawa Station - Kodomo Natural Park) [about 1km]

Mall and ups and downs course which walk Kodomo Natural Park from Futamatagawa Station advancing in quiet house. Is comfortable to walk in with child, of promenade ginkgo row of trees spreads out from beginning to end. Green leaves, fallen leaves like butterfly yellow in autumn dance flutteringly shiningly softly in spring in young leave, summer♪

②Is fired up; and walking course (oldness and ridge way city park - village forest garden) [about 3km]

Course that feels mountain and green among many trees walking village forest garden from oldness and ridge way city park. We move to the green world at moment! Feeling that thyme totally skids in different space to enter natural space at residential area suddenly♪

Ridge way which turns expression with season. Is walking while feeling season; health promotion. From Tsurugamine Station to oldness and ridge way city park entrance, adult is around 20 minutes on foot alone. For more details, please refer to the following URL.

"It is ho tsu ho MAP" ASAHI

Of "MAP in ho tsu ho" is ASAHI. "PO!" (po) and ASAHI, parent and child and ASAHI of animal which skip to march.

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