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Member of health practice promotion

Last update date January 22, 2019


About 360 people are entrusted member of health practice promotion with in Asahi Ward based on recommendation from Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations in 19 districts by The Mayor of Yokohama.
Term of this term is two years from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2019.

The whole activity

We take the part of pipe linking Health and Welfare Center to local resident as leader of local health promotion, and health promotion is active.

Prevention of passive smoking, non-smoking campaign

We distributed flyer and 2,500 copies of tissues which appealed for prevention of passive smoking, non-smoking at Futamatagawa Station north exit and Tsurugamine Station from 3:00 p.m. on May 31, 2016.

Non-smoking campaign photograph 1
Non-smoking campaign 1

Non-smoking campaign photograph 2
Non-smoking campaign 2

Non-smoking campaign photograph 3
Non-smoking campaign 3

Non-smoking campaign photograph 4
Non-smoking campaign 4

Walking friends course

From 2016, we carry out walking friends course targeting at members of all health practice promotion. While containing child care supporter, June 17, June 22, three times of July 1,
Deferred 200 people or more participated and learned basics of walking and performed physical fitness test.
To child care generation that is connected for solution of health problem of Asahi Ward by having you advise the basics of walking that you learned here at slight opportunity, and having local utilize
We go for fixation of exercise custom.

Walking friends photograph 1
Walking friends purpose explanation photograph 1

Walking friends photograph 2
Physical fitness test photograph 2

Walking friends photograph 3
Check photograph 3 of posture

Walking friends photograph 4
Walking friends exercise photograph 4

Health fair

By health fair, we perform healthy check of inhabitants of a ward using BC checker (blood vessel age check), body fat calculator, sphygmomanometer.
In 2016, we held on Sunday, October 16. We performed the measurement (smoker riser) of carbon monoxide concentration exhaling in to hope for newly this year.
In addition, we hold prevention of passive smoking, non-smoking campaign to health fair around ward office.

Healthy check

Health check 1

Healthy check 2 smoker riser

Locomotive syndrome degree test

We carried out locomotive syndrome degree test to look at state of moving function at corner that disseminated information on Asahi Ward the first floor of the government office on Monday, June 13, 2016.
In spite of bad weather, there was participation of 173 people on that day.
After the measurement, health nurse and the Asahi sports center staff advised applicant.

Locomotive syndrome photograph 2
2 step test photograph 1

Locomotive syndrome photograph 2
Start test photograph 2

Locomotive syndrome photograph 3
Consultation scenery photograph 3

Issuance of public relations magazine "smile"

We issue bulletin "smile" which settled program for the year of activity as member of Asahi Ward health practice promotion society and 19 district each once a year.

February smile No. 31 (PDF: 896KB)
February smile No. 30 (PDF: 830KB)

Other activities

World AIDS Day campaign
At the first floor of the ward office information dispatch corner, we distribute enlightenment article to conduct or brochures of quiz for the purpose of prevention of spread of AIDS and cancellation of discrimination, prejudice for patient, infected person and perform the spread, enlightenment activity of AIDS knowledge.

AIDS day campaign

District activity

As well as the whole activity of member of Asahi Ward health practice promotion society, 19 districts carry out an individual activity.

  1. We work on walking

District activity

  1. Health promotion activity

Keep-fit class
District activity

Ground golf
District activity

  1. Prevention of passive smoking, non-smoking campaign
  1. Cooperation to various Health and Welfare Center business
  • Cancer screening
  • Baby classroom
  • Health promotion classroom (keep-fit class, stretch, exercise courses such as walking including town
  • We hold lectures that we invite lecturer)
  • Community-based welfare health planning
  1. Assist area; cooperation to various groups such as liaison meeting, blood donation
  1. Holding of district workshop

District activity

Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section (the third floor 30th)
Telephone (045) 954-6146
Facsimile (045) 953-7713

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Telephone: 045-954-6146

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