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[Asahi Ward] Temporary nursing at home temporary worker offer (2019 adoption)

Last update date August 26, 2019

Asahi Ward recruits temporary nursing at home temporary workers.

  1. The end up to adoption decision during application period
  2. Two offer staff
  3. Visit surveys to perform duties about visit support, certification for long-term care of The Long-term Care Insurance by business content elderly people
  4. Being under 40 years or older 60 years old as of qualifications application day
  5. From the period of employment adoption day to March 31, 2020 (by the duty results, we may appoint as the appointment staff again in the fiscal year in 2020)
  6. Duty place Asahi Ward government office annex Elderly and Disabled Support Division (the first-floor third window)
  7. We work for 30 hours for four days a week for Monday through Friday for working hours ※Holiday, New Year holidays are excluded                                       From 8:45 to 17:15 (include break of break one hour.)
  8. Monthly basis reward 206,400 yen (we pay commutation allowance separately)

[application methods]

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