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Dementia and service to family

Last update date February 25, 2019

Asahi Ward dementia guidebook "dementia? ... to do what at such time"

In Asahi Ward, to tell information of dementia support to the person, family, dementia guidebook for citizens of Asahi Ward "dementia? Should do what such time; distribute.
We get information such as consultation counter, consultation, meeting of caregiver.
"We are worried about forgetfulness of oneself and family" "wants to know "we want to know where we should talk with if we suffer from dementia" for the future of oneself and family"
When we thought of nado, please see by all means.

Asahi Ward dementia guidebook "dementia? ... to do what at such time"

Forgetfulness consultation

Targeting at people feeling uncomfortable about forgetfulness going to curious medical institution, psychiatrist gives advice once a month at ward office. We perform consultation by visit as needed.

It needs reservations once a month

List of medical institutions giving medical care of dementia (to page of City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

Dementia elderly person emergency correspondence business

When, by sudden aggravation of symptom of dementia, sudden illness of caregiver, at-home life became difficult; provide consultation. Please consult with the following contact information.

Loitering SOS network system

When we loiter around, and dementia is missing, we possess and are system of prior registration giving information to connections such as the police in information of the person beforehand.

Loitering SOS network system

The making of structure of medical cooperation

We bring at the time of medical institution consultation and make "forgetfulness consultation seat" so that cooperation of medical care and care goes toward early detection, early treatment of dementia smoothly and utilize on the site.

Inquiry, consultation
Elderly and Disabled Support Division elderly person support charge (the first floor third)
Telephone: 045-954-6191
Fax: 045-955-2675

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Inquiry to this page

Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division

Telephone: 045-954-6115

Telephone: 045-954-6115

Fax: 045-955-2675

E-Mail address [email protected]

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