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Loitering SOS network system

Last update date May 25, 2020

Dementia is disease to have a decline in function of brain by various causes. One of the symptoms has "loitering". We watch wandered around by dementia in the whole Asahi Ward and protect as soon as possible and are system to return to the cause of family safely.

To family

We can register in advance!

When the person disappears when we register characteristic or photograph in advance, we send FAX to discovery cooperant (bus, railroad, taxi company, post office) based on registration information and can ask for discovery cooperation in normal business routine. In addition, it is for ASAHI security, relief tile and delivers.
"Yokohama-shi dementia elderly people watch and can propose to hope for in registered in advance to seal business" (PDF: 870KB). ()PDF file icon

You print registration vote, discovery request vote, and, after filling out required items, please register in community care plaza of neighborhood, Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center.
In addition, registration vote, discovery request vote distributes even community care plaza of neighborhood, Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center. At the time of registration, take photograph of the person, private seal.

If we notice, "we are not"

Please connect with two places of the police and SOS network connection of registration.

Police department

Asahi police department
Telephone: 045-361-0110

SOS network connection

Community care plaza (the outside site) in Asahi Ward
・Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division
 Telephone 045-954-6191

Toward the area

When we discover person loitering around in everyday life and receive contact, also, to the police and SOS network connection, please let family know to family when it is revealed. (we do not ask for concrete search activity)
We put sticker of emblem "hottochan" of "town planning to support dementia together" on bus and taxi, the storefront in the discovery cooperant, support shop.

Emblem of approach about dementia of Asahi Ward
Emblem "hottochan" about approach of dementia of Asahi Ward

Discovery cooperant

Bus, railroad, taxi company running in the Asahi Ward discover loitering around in normal business routine and tell family, the police when they receive notification.

The support shop

Including calling and notification to the police, connection when saw person who loitered around as the support shop in stores of majority in Asahi Ward have cooperate.

※Asahi Ward recruits offices which can become discovery cooperant, the support shop newly at any time. You fill out the discovery cooperant, support shop registration vote, and please bring in community care plaza of neighborhood, Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center. I hand hottochan sticker.

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Asahi Ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division elderly person support charge (the first floor of the annex third)

Telephone: 045-954-6191

Telephone: 045-954-6191

Fax: 045-955-2675

E-Mail address [email protected]

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