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Care counselor dispatch business

Last update date February 25, 2019

With care counselor dispatch business

It is business that ward office dispatches solution to problem and care service which had you attend the training necessary to become care counselor for further improvement and register in care insurance facility such as special elderly nursing home or care for the elder healthcare facility.
We perform activity of mediation with user, family and facility, ward office that dispatched care counselor visits facility around one time a month and can receive offer of better care service to listen to consultation or request about care service from user and family.
We start dispatch in 2006 in Asahi Ward and are dispatching 17 care counselors in 18 facilities now.

About care counselor activity facility of Asahi Ward

List of care counselor activity facilities of Asahi Ward
Business classificationNameAddress
Special elderly nursing homeAsahi home (the outside site)154-6, Kawaihoncho
Special elderly nursing homeCherry tree Land (the outside site)360, Shimokawaicho
Special elderly nursing homeGlyn side Kiyomori (the outside site)4, Makigahara
Special elderly nursing homeYayoi Land (the outside site)1241-1, Kamikawaicho
Special elderly nursing homeImajuku home (the outside site)1-5-1, Imajuku
Special elderly nursing homeVillage of water (the outside site)3059, Kamikawaicho
Special elderly nursing homePerson of kawaino (the outside site)69-1, Kawaishukucho
Special elderly nursing homeSunny leech Yokohama (the outside site)426, Kamikawaicho
Special elderly nursing homeShalom Yokohama (the outside site)1988, Kamikawaicho
Special elderly nursing homeSunlight Land (the outside site)1-66-26, Imajuku
Special elderly nursing homeGreen life (the outside site)3-31-11, Nakashirane
Care for the elder healthcare facilityVillage of smiles Yokohama (the outside site)220-1, Shimokawaicho
Care for the elder healthcare facilityHale and hearty rehabilitation Yokohama (the outside site)614-3, Kanegaya
Care for the elder healthcare facilityHeart care Sakonyama (the outside site)971-1, Ichizawacho
Group homeGroup home age of sixty garden (the outside site)571-1, Ichizawacho
Group homeThe saryuburu ASAHI second building (the outside site)1804-16, Kirigasaku
Group homeHouse Imajuku, Yokohama (the outside site) of all1-36-25, Imajuku
Group homeWind (the outside site) of forest218-2, Shimokawaicho

Information for service offer company in ward

We issue "Asahi Ward care counselor letter" to introduce activity of care counselor to. Check it out!


Elderly and Disabled Support Division The Long-term Care Insurance charge (the first floor third)
Telephone: 045-954-6061
Fax: 045-955-2675

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Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division

Telephone: 045-954-6115

Telephone: 045-954-6115

Fax: 045-955-2675

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