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Payment, consultation of report and Long-term Care Insurance Premium of qualification transfer

Last update date November 13, 2018

As for the first insured person (people 65 years or older), following time needs report

When 1 people 65 years or older moved in Address

  • Transference from the suburbs
  • Transference to the suburbs
  • Moving in ward
  • In this case we tell ward transference ... at ward office of new Address other than the city

When 2 people 65 years or older died

When the next transfer was in household where there were 3 people 65 years or older

  • The increase and decrease of member of household
  • Full name change
  • Change of relation

The above-mentioned report needs identification of, The Long-term Care Insurance person insured.

Procedure like the above is necessary for No. 2 person insured (people 40 years old or older under 65) about person receiving certification for long-term care

Consultation about payment of Long-term Care Insurance Premium

When payment of Long-term Care Insurance Premium is difficult, please consult with National Health Insurance Section by disaster, unemployment, some kind of circumstances including bankruptcy.
In addition, we will pay expense in full once when we have been behind with Long-term Care Insurance Premium for a long time (more than one year) when we use The Long-term Care Insurance service. (for insurance payment is refunded later when we apply to ward office.)
In addition, we are behind with Long-term Care Insurance Premium more than two years from deadline of the delivery, and self-pay ratio of insurance payment is raised to 30% for a certain period of time depending on the period when there is premium that was not paid by statute of limitations.

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