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What is ASAHI plan (Asahi Ward community-based welfare health planning) shiningly?

Last update date April 9, 2020

Community-based welfare health planning is plan that affiliate, company, public institution (administration, Council of Social Welfare, community care plaza) collaborate with inhabitants and work about elderly person, person with a disability, child in area, local life problem about other welfare, health. (based on social welfare method Article 107)

We devise plan for each 18 wards to devise "Yokohama smile plan" (Yokohama-shi community-based welfare health planning) in Yokohama-shi, and to let you reflect local life problem more carefully depending on local characteristic.
Yokohama-shi community-based welfare health planning (to page of City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

※"Shiningly ASAHI plan" (Asahi Ward community-based welfare health planning) aims at town that can live a life that life, working "all people" are healthy, and is happy in Asahi Ward, and various groups collaborate, and and join forces together, and Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, Council of Social Welfare, community care plaza, welfare facilities worked on work on town development that is livable including not only administration but also ward inhabitant while local.

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