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The welfare refuge for tower at-home at the time of disaster required

Last update date September 11, 2019

When large-scale disaster occurred in Yokohama-shi, for which had difficulty in life as an evacuee at evacuation shelter and home, we concluded social welfare facilities and agreement in the city and placed as evacuation sites in particular.
We changed name to "the welfare refuge" which was used widely in the whole country from April, 2018.

(1) With the welfare refuge

・When serious damage occurs by large-scale disaster and cannot live at home, we will take shelter in evacuation shelter such as elementary and junior high schools in the city.
・Among towers such as elderly person, child with a disability, person, expectant mothers, infants required, we are to find space for towers required in each evacuation shelter to person having difficulty in life as an evacuee in gymnasia.

→Still secondary refuge to accept person judged to have difficult life as an evacuee in evacuation shelter is "the welfare refuge".

(2) Evacuation to the welfare refuge

・It is difficult to maintain life at evacuation shelter and home and applies to needing for special consideration.
・Specialists (health nurse) confirm yes or no of the situation and certification for long-term care of the person and judge the need of evacuation to the welfare refuge.
・Function that the welfare refuge needs person who is not judged to apply cannot evacuate to play the part.
・The welfare refuge is not opened soon after the disaster occurrence by all means.
・As for the movement from evacuation shelter, movement by the person, family is principle.
※Severe tower meeting entrance requirements in receiving certification for long-term care required is special elderly nursing home
Or acceptance by entrance directly urgent to care for the elder healthcare facility Care manager by adjusting entrance
We may perform.

(3) Target facility

Including social welfare facility concluding agreement with ward office (elderly person facility, person with a disability facility, community care plaza)

(4) Q&As

Q: What kind of facility is the welfare refuge? What kind of facilities and support are there?
A: It is social welfare facilities such as elderly person facility and person with a disability facility, community care plaza concluding agreement with ward office.
Facility is made barrier-free and, in environment where tower required is easy to live, can receive support depending on the situation of facility as far as it is possible.
Even if it is the welfare refuge, in cooperation with neighboring refugees, we will have you take shelter while helping each other.

Q: When is the welfare refuge opened? Who can evacuate?
A: The welfare refuge is not opened soon after the disaster occurrence by all means.
We can confirm security, and, from facility where had good administration preparations, ward office calls for establishment sequentially.
We ascertain the situation of tower after damage required to utilize limited resources effectively, and it is necessary to have you evacuate from high priority.

Q: Standard of acceptance of the welfare refuge? Who decides how?
A: It is difficult to accept all the target towers required at a time to be limited in facility becoming the welfare refuge.
Specialist jobs (health nurse) judge people with high need in support (from information of tower which or was attracted by evacuation shelter required) from person sheltering in evacuation shelter more.
Based on judgments such as specialist jobs, ward office determines whom you accept at which welfare refuge.

(5) Agreement conclusion facility

                              List of welfare refuge agreement facilities
Facility classificationNameThe location
Community care plazaImajuku community care plaza2647-2, Imajukucho
Tsurugamine community care plaza1-38-3, Tsurugamine
Hikarigaoka community care plaza807-2, Kamishiranecho
Sakonyama community care plaza1186-2, Sakonyama
Kawai community care plaza57-8, Kawaihoncho
Makigahara community care plaza4, Makigahara
Wakabadai community care plaza4-16-1, Wakabadai
Minamikibogaoka community care plaza72-3, Minamikibogaoka
Imajuku west community care plazaImajuku west 410-1
Kamishirane community care plaza112, Kamishiranecho
Sasanodai community care plaza2-32-1, Sasanodai
Shirane community care plazaShirane two orders eyes third 18 pearl Yokohama the second floor of Shirone Building
Futamatagawa community care plaza2-50-14, Futamatagawa
Special elderly nursing home※Longevity792-4, Kamishiranecho
Asahi home154-6, Kawaihoncho
Imajuku home1-5-1, Imajuku
Shalom Yokohama1988, Kamikawaicho
Cherry tree Land360, Shimokawaicho
Glyn side Kiyomori4, Makigahara
adachi home2287, Kamikawaicho
Yayoi Land1241-1, Kamikawaicho
Fujimi garden125-1, Minamihonjukucho
Green life3-31-11, Nakashirane
Village of water3059, Kamikawaicho
Sunny leech Yokohama426, Kamikawaicho
Person of kawaino69-1, Kawaishukucho
Villa Sakuragaoka1436-10, Kamishiranecho
Villa Yokohama1437-1, Kamishiranecho
Village of Imagawa36-1, Imagawacho
Villa Minamihonjyuku109-1, Minamihonjukucho
Sunlight Land1-66-26, Imajuku
Care for the elder healthcare facilityForest of the four seasons778-1, Kamishiranecho
Heart care Sakonyama971-1, Ichizawacho
Green Reeves red branch2694-7, Kamikawaicho
Desired forest2968-2, Kamikawaicho
Center to rehearse is refreshing932-1, Shiranecho
Care home Yokohama1436-1, Kamishiranecho
keiaino-go Imajuku525-2, Imajukuhigashicho
Sion Yokohama168-1, Kawaishukucho
Hale and hearty rehabilitation Yokohama614-3, Kanegaya
Village of smiles Yokohama220-1, Shimokawaicho
Welfare center for the oldHappy longevity-soShirane 2-33-2
Nursing care centerShalom Sakurayama1988, Kamikawaicho
Green villa Fujimi125-1, Minamihonjukucho
Kamishirane garden2-64-20, Kamishirane
Person with a disability support facilityPerson with a disability support facility shiraneno village1092, Kamishiranecho
Hill of lightShirane 7-10-6
*megumi783, Kamishiranecho
horutsuhauze550, Kanegaya
Person with a disability local action homeLocal action home ream59-2, Kashiwacho
Person with a disability local action home ASAHIShirane 4-6-3
Person with a disability local action home futamatagawa17-18, Honmuracho
Obstacle welfare service officeHill of obstacle welfare service office wheatShirane 6-69-14
Obstacle welfare service office society working center shiraneShirane 7-10-6
Obstacle welfare service office society working center wish1-35-5, Tsurugaminehoncho
Light of the crossroads1-8-25, Kamishirane
Welfare of persons with disabilities service office independence support center hoShirane 7-31-7
The first flying whale company557-3, Ichizawacho
Second flying whale company557-3, Ichizawacho
*megumi signal1019-1, Kamishiranecho
Elementary school student nursing homeAsahi elementary school student home914-7, Kamishiranecho
Port Kanegaya550, Kanegaya
Child with a disability facilityYokohama nursing medical center557-2, Ichizawacho
Fruit of Shirane school grapeShirane 7-10-6
Walnut school550, Kanegaya
Area life support baseRelievedly with a blush2-1-16, Tsurugamine

※Life at evacuation shelter and home is difficult, and, at the time of large-scale disaster, assistance by staff of facility may perform acceptance by emergency entrance targeting at necessary among people receiving certification for long-term care of The Long-term Care Insurance in special elderly nursing homes.

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With the whole area anti-disaster measures - disaster tower support guide - (page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau Health and Welfare Division) required


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