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Disaster tower support required

Last update date December 21, 2018

When big disaster occurred, there are various places where it is difficult to evacuate by power only for oneself.

Support of people of the circumference is necessary for people of tower required in the case of emergency at such a disaster.

We can provide tower list which administration holds required to local supporter to be able to make use for tower support required at ward office at local disaster.

At first, we will talk about method of tower support required in area.


Contents of definition and support of disaster tower required

●○●With disaster tower required●○●

・Need support to grasp necessary information quickly and precisely, and to protect the body from disaster though take a series of actions at the time of disaster such as evacuating to safe place; is said in various places.

・Generally, it is elderly person, person with a disability, infants, expectant mothers, foreigner.

・In Yokohama-shi, we make tower list of where support is necessary for evacuation action at the time of disaster in particular required based on Disaster Laws.

ASAHI "how should support impaired person? What kind of thing should we be concerned with carefully?"

We want to know necessary consideration at the time of characteristic and disaster of person with a disability more! (to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

●○●Why is support necessary?●○●

Damage of person who needed protection was frequent in past large-scale disaster including the Great East Japan Earthquake.

On the other hand, many people shut in including building were rescued by each other's cooperation.

At the time of disaster, we may suffer from anyone and, on the other hand, may turn around near tower.

The making of with a view of everyday face in area of relationships, the making of structure of assisting are necessary to minimize damage of disaster.

●○●With activity that area performs●○●

We see in normal and perform defense or calling, and let's make relations with a view of face after normal.

We perform safety confirmation or calling at the time of disaster, and let's share the information in area.

In addition, let's support evacuation as far as evacuation is possible if there is necessary tower required.

Individual does not bear support of tower at the time of disaster required. Let's examine support of local range (contact to evacuation shelter and rescue team) enacted altogether.

With disaster tower list that ward office provides required

[information about Asahi Ward) for structure (summary of disaster tower support required] (PDF: 805KB)

●○●Eligible people who are published in list●○●

Person who corresponds to any of the following in living at home

(1)That corresponds to any of the following in The Long-term Care Insurance need of nursing care, support authorization people required

・Person who is beyond need of nursing care 3

・All are support required or certification for long-term care in single life or elderly person household

・With dementia

(2)Person with a physical disability, mentally-disabled person, incurable disease patient who receive supply decision of service of person with a disability synthesis support law

(3)It is certificate of the physically disabled 1-3 grade among the visually impaired, hearing person with a disability and the limbs inconvenience people

(4)Nursing notebook (notebook of love) A1, A2

●○●Information that is placed in list●○●

(1)Full name


(3)The date of birth


(5)Contact information

(6)Reason to need evacuation support


●○●Method of list●○●

In Asahi Ward, we push forward offer of tower list required mainly on district alliance Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations at disaster. Specifically, it is as follows.

At ward office, we can offer tower list required by "new agreement method" based on Disaster Laws and "information sharing method" based on the Yokohama-shi regulations at made disaster.

In addition, based on "information sharing method", we extend eligible people in area (e.g.,: infants, expectant mothers), and, "new agreement method", there is "supplement method" local, to make list by questionnaire that we enlarge information to collect and did originally.

1 new agreement method

List of "new agreement method" places information of person who agreed to publication to tower list required at disaster.

[flow of list offer]

Flow of list offer of new agreement method

Image of new agreement method list

2 supplement methods

List of "supplement method" carries out area original questionnaire and enlarges eligible people and information to collect and is method to supplement the pivot tower list at disaster that ward provided.

[flow of list offer]

Flow of list offer of supplement method

Image of supplement method list

3 information sharing methods

List of "information sharing method" places information except person who refused publication to tower list required at disaster.

[flow of list offer]

Flow of list offer of information sharing method

Image of information sharing method list

The receipt of disaster tower list required toward the area of examination

Ward office concluded agreement with district alliance Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and gathered up procedure before receiving tower list required at disaster as guide.

When you examine inflection of tower list required at disaster, at first, please talk with ward Health and Welfare Division.

"Guide (list utilization, activity) of tower support required at disaster" (PDF: 2,655KB)

●○●Style to have you submit to ward office●○●

<when we talk about in area, we use>
(the first style) local talks point seat (word: 32KB) (word format)

<application of list offer>
(No. 2 style) application (word: 25KB) (word format)

<style necessary for the agreement conclusion>
(No. 3 style) report of information manager and the notification of change (word: 24KB) (word format)
(No. 4 style) report of information handler and the notification of change (word: 24KB) (word format)
(No. 5 style) notice (word: 23KB) about storage method of personal information (word format)
(No. 6 style) report matter notification of change (word: 23KB) (word format)

<documents when representative of the agreement conclusion changes, to submit to ward office>
(No. 7 style) representative notification of change (word: 27KB) (word format)

<documents to submit to ward office after the training attendance>
(No. 8 style) the training attendance report (word: 24KB) (word format)

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