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About delivery of "urgent breaking news email" at the time of landslide alert information announcement

Last update date March 22, 2019


When landslide alert information was announced from 17:00 on Monday, March 25, 2019, is cliff for citizen's all of you
"Urgent breaking news email" [※ 1] is delivered from Kanagawa to tell about danger of break.
In addition, as area that is targeted for evacuation warning with announcement of landslide alert information immediately from Yokohama-shi
For ward that announces evacuation warning for area telling about beforehand, and is targeted for the following delivery
We deliver "urgent breaking news email" [※ 2], [※ 3].
It is confirmation on homepage of city about the cause of thought "that own body keeps in oneself", usually target area
We have you do and ask for prompt evacuation action toward the area where landslide is expected.

[※ 1] It is email to tell that landslide alert information was announced from Kanagawa.
[※ 2] It is email to tell that we announced evacuation warning for target area from Yokohama-shi. (target area is not in Asahi Ward.)
[※ 3] It is email to tell about the details of area targeted for evacuation warning from Yokohama-shi.
When landslide alert information is announced [※ 1], urgent breaking news email of three of them of -【※ 3] in total arrives for ward targeted for delivery.

Point to keep in mind

Area that is targeted for evacuation warning immediately that announces evacuation warning when landslide alert information was announced about Asahi Ward
Currently, there is not.

As for the details, please see material of attachment.

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