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Last update date October 28, 2019


Job hunting

Employment support site where we collected information to be useful for job offer by public institution including country, the prefecture, city

It is business of membership system for the city residence with will to be almost healthy at 60 years or older, and to act.

Ability for occupation development facility for person who is going to find a job from now on and person who is going to change the job to wear knowledge and technique to be useful for employment in a short term and skill.

We hold course for person of skill job promotion and course for people of working.

Working consultation, job placement for mother and father of single-parent home


When we took out the employed pension policies such as Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin) (we go through the procedure through the office)

Person (less than 14 days) who takes out social insurance of workplace, and stops National Health Insurance


When it was not member of the employed pension policy including Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin) (less than 14 days)

Person ((less than 14 days) except social insurance that any continuation is chosen) who stops social insurance of workplace, and takes out National Health Insurance

Consultation counter for working one

There are two kinds of legal advice (by appointment only) by lawyer who is specialized in general labor consultation (no appointment necessary) and labor problem about discharge, wage, working hours. All are free in silence.


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