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Own 动 hon 译 (machine translation)

Last updated date: 2019/3/13

asahikumatokanho**shohon 译 narichubun.
Complete original 确 non-constant yoshi*zeriyoji 动 hon 译 system 统获 tokumatohon 译结 ka, reason. Original text contents location entrance and exit of day 语 * 页 of in front of yoshi*hon 译结 kakano*hon 译, reason 请 living-in-; basis 础 joriyohon** of enough understanding 这 one point.

Own 动 hon 译

We translate Asahi Ward government office website (英語) for Chinese (simplified Chinese character).
For machine translation (automatic translation), it may not be accurate translation. It may be different from contents of 英語 site.

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