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2017 Aoba Ward budget

Last update date February 19, 2019

The making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs are budgets for ward office which is base of imminent civic service to promote the making of unit-related ward that there is depending on local characteristic and needs.
In this page, we introduce budget that we organized in Aoba Ward in 2017.

Generalization list according to 1 Aoba Ward formation budget division

Generalization list according to division
DivisionExplanationThe amount of budget (1,000 yen)
Self planning operating costOperating cost to also support local imminent problem and needs carefully quickly107,555
Administrative expenseOperating cost to affect social security desk work expenses and facility management administration793,148
The totalNet total900,703
Administrative expense breakdown
DivisionExplanationThe amount of budget (1,000 yen)
Unification desk work costsOperating costs such as ward offices, Child Allowance desk work expense, social security desk work expense others25,368
Facility management feeOperating cost that it costs for management administration such as ward government building, district center767,780
The totalNet total793,148

2 Aoba Ward formation budget breakdowns

(1) Self planning operating cost <green leaves quality project>

Because my town green leaves continue being "gussets which want to continue living, and want to live", in Aoba Ward, we push forward "green leaves quality project" to further raise the charm for the future. In 2017, we carry out various approaches along five pillars sequentially.

Self planning operating cost <green leaves quality project>
DivisionExplanationThe amount of budget (1,000 yen)
A lot of charm! Green leaves brand projectWe send characteristic of Aoba Ward as "green leaves brand" inside and outside the ward and fix charm of town.
In addition, in warm atmosphere, you seem to be able to receive infants medical examination comfortably,
We renew Health and Welfare Center the first floor.
Security, relief! Disaster prevention, anti-crime program, beautification projectThrough disaster prevention and business of anti-crime program, we keep security, relief of inhabitant of a ward and promote beautiful town development.18,137
Quickly and healthily smart breath! Healthy living projectBy promotion such as "green leaves child system" or "local inclusion care system", anyone pushes forward community development which can live in good health in peace.27,166
We color and overflow! Flower and green projectFor national city Yokohama tree planting fair, we perform public information and support of each business and promote flower and green town planning to overflow.4,004
Gusset which wants to continue living! The next-generation suburbs projectBased on declining birth rate and the graying, population decline, we plan reproduction of sustainable residential area where we can endure in the next generation.5,142
The totalNet total107,555

(2) Administrative expense

Administrative expense
DivisionExplanationThe amount of budget (1,000 yen)
Unification desk work costsWard office General Affairs Division, unification desk work operating cost in each others section25,368
Use of ward government building, inhabitant of a ward facility management feeUse of ward government building, inhabitant of a ward facility management fee767,780
The totalNet total793,148
Use of ward government building, inhabitant of a ward facility management fee breakdown
DivisionExplanationThe amount of budget (1,000 yen)
Ward government buildingsWard government building, public car, Azamino service counter in the city hall150,327
Engineering works officeGreen leaves engineering works office8,976
Public hallGreen leaves public hall29,531
Inhabitant of a ward activity support centerInhabitant of a ward activity support center9,642
District centersSix district centers, Shinishikawa sports hall210,605
Log houseUtsukushigaoka Park child log house9,064
Inhabitant of a ward Cultural CenterGreen leaves inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center149,009
Welfare center for the oldUtopia green leaves36,671
Community houseEight (Kamoshida, Satsukigaoka, Yamauchi, Katsura stand, Susukino, Aobadai, Mitakedai, Edanishi)89,528
Ward sports centerGreen leaves sports center32,057
The use of ward government building, inhabitant of a ward facility repair costsAoba Ward synthesis government building, use of inhabitant of a ward facility8,770
In addition, (open space, amusement placeAmusement place (six) of child, open field (two) of town, local sports open space (Kurosuda), green leaves sports plaza, green leaves international exchange lounge, Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward interchange center33,600
The totalNet total767,780

Business nameExplanationThe amount of budget (1,000 yen)
[warming measures plus business]
Public facilities energy saving promotion business
We carry out by warming measures plus business distributed by Climate Change Policy Headquarters. From the viewpoint of energy saving, power saving, illumination improvement, we make lighting such as ward government buildings LED.13,100
[ward environment city of the future promotion business]
Green leaves community living promotion business
Toward development realization in the whole area in ward of community living model suggested by "the next-generation suburbs town development" in 2017 with basic plan in model district,
We examine business technique that considered introduction of the vitality of the private sector.

Please see page of Civic Affairs Bureau ward contact adjustment section about the making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs of 18 wards of Yokohama-shi.

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