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Message (greetings of Director General appointment) from Director General

Last update date April 13, 2020

Greetings of Director General appointment

 Green leaves inhabitants of a ward

 It is Akio Ozawa (ozawaakio) who took office as Mayor Aoba from April.
 Aoba Ward is known as long-lived gusset with rich nature and beautiful cityscape, and, commencing with local action, various activities by multi-generation are wards filled with vigor performed lively.
 I feel honored to be able to be engaged in administration of ward in Aoba Ward full of such charm very and feel that the body is tightened in heavy responsibility at the same time.
 We think whether there are many uneasy things by new coronavirus infectious disease, but will make power now to look after living of inhabitants of a ward.
 We cooperate with all of you, and Aoba Ward will work by all the staff all energy from now on for the future so that it is continued being "gusset which wants to continue living, and wants to live".
 Your support, cooperation would be highly appreciated.

April, 2020 Mayor Aoba Akio Ozawa

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Telephone: 045-978-2221

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