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1% of your power will be in the future of Aoba!

In order for Aoba Ward will continue to be an attractive town in the future, and we support the inhabitants of the ward to take a step forward in the community while making use of their abundant experience and knowledge and shining themselves.

Final update date February 21, 2020

Ichigao Youth Project

Human resources and junior and senior high school students working in the community will collaborate to conduct hands-on activities to encourage young people to participate in society.

Details here → Mirai HP (outside site) of NPO corporation town and school

Aoba de Start Seminar

We hold a series of seminars to learn the basics of how to start activities in the community, and support a variety of human resources to challenge new things and play an active part in the community.

Support for entrepreneurship in the region

[Notice of cancellation]

The "Second Career Regional Entrepreneurship Seminar (Final Presentation)" scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 22 will be canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

We will provide a place for seminars, exchanges and consultations, and support entrepreneurship in the community utilizing our experience and knowledge.

Details here → Mass and Sekinai Future Center HP (outside site)

flower dialog Aoba

Through the creation of a dialog (= dialogue) where various people can gather, we will implement a program on flowers and greenery with the aim of handing over a rich environment full of flowers and greenery to the future.

Details here → NPO Morinooto HP (outside site)

Aoba Ward Residents' Activities Support Center

The Aoba Ward Residents' Activities Support Center (1st floor of Aoba Ward City Hall provides assistance to revitalize its activities. We are consulting with people who want to start something in the future, coordinating with various people, organizations and activities. A lot of information about local organizations and activities! Please use this for meetings and exchanges between groups.

Details here → Aoba Ward Citizens' Activities Support Center HP

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Telephone: 045-978-2286

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