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[resumption] Child care consultation venue

Last update date September 2, 2020

Child care consultation venue of Aoba Ward

About child care consultation venue, we stopped from point of view preventing infection spread of new coronavirus from March, but reopen.
For details, please confirm the following in different one for each venue.
In addition, we heard even telephone when there is consultation about child. Please contact at the following.

≪Aoba Ward child, home support consultation >> TEL: 045-978-2460

About child care consultation venue

"Child care supporter" of Aoba Ward runs venue.
While spending playing with child before attendance at school in parent and child slowly, of child care supporter and childcare can talk.
The use is unnecessary for reservation free.
Of course please come to play without consultation casually.

List of Aoba Ward child care consultation venues

In resumption, the upper limit is different at normal held time such as number of the participants capacity upper limit or held time shortening. Please identify participating person in the following by all means beforehand.

Please being careful in the use

・I would like thermometry and physical condition confirmation beforehand. When we have fever 37.5 degrees Celsius or more and common cold-like symptom, it is not available.
・I would like mask wearing of protector.
・Please refrain from meal in venue. In addition, please bring to home about filth.
・According to the age of the month of child, we make the use time and capacity to avoid 3 dense o. In the case of capacity excess, you have to wait or may ask for leaving from using long time. Thank you for your understanding.


From 10:00 to 11:10
※About Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward interchange center, it is from 9:30 to 10:40.


Reference give the following page. When we surpass capacity, we may not enter a room. In addition, please note that you ask for leaving from using long time.

List of child care consultation venues

It becomes the held situation. We update at any time.
※When holiday, closed days and weather warning, heavy snow advisory are announced on holiday, as for (at opening time one hour ago), we become absent. In addition, we may become absent on account of the venue.

List of child care consultation venues
Holding placeThe situation
The date
CapacityThe locationAccess
Yamauchi district center

Every Tuesday

Eight people2-3-2, AzaminoIt is a 2-minute walk from Azamino Station (Tokyu Denentoshi Line, subway)
Fujigaoka district center

Every Thursday

Ten people1-14-95, FujigaokaIt is a 5-minute walk from Fujigaoka Station (Tokyu Denentoshi Line)
Wakakusadai district center
Every Friday
Eight people20-5, WakakusadaiIt is a 3-minute walk from bus stop "Katsura stand"
Utsukushigaokanishi district center
Every Wednesday
13 people3-60-15, UtsukushigaokanishiIt is a 1-minute walk from bus stop "mugwort Tando"
Nara District centerEvery ThursdayEight people1843-11, NarachoIt is a 1-minute walk from bus stop "before Nara District center"
Daiba Misuzugaoka district centerEvery WednesdayEight people23-2, MisuzugaokaIt is a 1-minute walk from bus stop "Misuzugaoka"
Utsukushigaoka community care plaza

Every Monday

28 people4-32-7, UtsukushigaokaIt is a 5-minute walk from bus stop "Hirakawa"
Edanishi community house
Every Thursday
Eight people1-4-2, Edanishi (Eda Mt.Fuji-shaped mound park)It is a 10-minute walk from Eda Station or Ichigao Station (Tokyu Denentoshi Line)
Aobadai community house
Every Monday
15 people2-25-4, AobadaiIt is a 7-minute walk from Aobadai Station (Tokyu Denentoshi Line)
Aoba Ward inhabitant of a ward interchange center (Tana station)

[we reopen from September 18]
18th (Fri)
25th (Fri)

18 people76, TanachoIt is a 1-minute walk from Tana Station (Tokyu Denentoshi Line)
Kamoshida community care plaza
Every Wednesday

2nd, 16th is six people
9th, 23rd, 30th is 15 people

547-3, KamoshidachoIt is a 10-minute walk from bus stop "Miyako Nakatani"
Mitakedai community houseEvery Monday18 people30, MitakedaiIt is a 5-minute walk from bus stop "in front of Mitakedai junior high school"
Onda community care plaza

Every Friday

13 people2-8, AkanedaiIt is a 13-minute walk from Onda Station (Tokyu Kodomonokuni Line)
Eda community care plaza
Every Wednesday
13 people494-7, EdachoIt is a 1-minute walk from bus stop "in front of Eda dwelling"
Nara firefighting branch office security/safety station
Every Monday
Ten peopleNara 2-37-1It is a 5-minute walk from bus stop "God Maebashi"

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