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Aoba Ward area child care support base rafuru rafurusateraito

Last update date September 29, 2020

[important] About the reopening of place to stay of parent and child accompanied with emergency declaration cancellation having new coronavirus infectious disease

We receive emergency declaration cancellation and restart open space administration of local child care support base on Tuesday, June 2.
But as correspondence, "avoiding 3 dense" (crowd, secret room, closeness) "takes social distance" is followed,
"It limits the number of the use groups" along "new lifestyle" that country shows in the reopening of open space
As it becomes resumption that we take preventive measures against infection spread, we hope that we can have understanding and cooperation.
In addition, we would like as we continue stop regardless of scale about events.
For families who refrained from childbirth in HP (the outside site) (the outside site) such as how to put in baths of baby or how to change diapers
As we release child care course video, please see.

About business evaluation with 2019 Aoba Ward area child care support base business well-informed person

 About this business pushing forward by ward and collaboration of base, to clarify result and problem of matter that both sides worked on, and to be cool for improvement of the administration situation; business evaluation
We carried out.    
 Please see the following PDF data about summary and other public announcement materials each.
* Conduct summary (PDF: 68KB)
* Each business evaluation sheet (summary of five years) (PDF: 183KB)
* Ministry of collaboration business process each other inspection sheet (PDF: 145KB)

Child care support support base is here

It is place that person during child, the pregnancy before attendance at school and the family and various places that local, support child care drop in casually and can spend. Mainly on seven activities, we support child care of Aoba Ward!

  • "Open space:" It is place that child before 0 years old ... attendance at school and the family can drop in casually, and can interchange.
  • "Child care consultation:" Over open space or telephone, we accept consultation about child care.
  • "Child care information:" We collect information about child care and send on information corner (the base), homepage.
  • "The making of network:" Conduct of local child care Network ties people and person engaged in child care support.
  • "Upbringing of human resources:" We perform holding of workshop and course about child care, support of child care circle activity.
  • "Child care support system:" We support custody go io of child in area.
  • "User support:" It is "consultation counter in anything" of child care home. Yokohama child care partner takes "we want to know" and supports until it leads to the use.

Facility summary

  • Open day from Tuesday to Saturday
  • Open space holding time from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (registration in rafuru is necessary to use. Available from the day of the registration.)
  • Office business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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