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Child care support nursery school

Last update date February 21, 2020

Welcome to "child care support nursery school"!

Do you not look in, child care childbirth plan, "there is not partner whom we can talk about child care with in neighborhood", "care of born baby should do what", municipal institution nursery school to live nearby a little?
In "child care support nursery school", various childcare support services are available.

Childcare support project in municipal nursery school

Childcare support project in municipal nursery school
We introduce summary and schedule of various childcare support projects performing in municipal nursery school.

Under child care support email "swing" favorable reception delivery!

In public nursery school in Aoba Ward, we support everybody doing child care in area.
We deliver information such as events of nursery school of the next month every month for the end. You catch information, and please come to nursery school of neighborhood to play!

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Center for Early Childhood Education and Care and nursery school area child care support project

Center for Early Childhood Education and Care and nursery school area child care support project
We throw garden open so that protector and children doing child care in area can spend happily in Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, nursery school of Yokohama-shi and hold childcare course or interchange childcare. We talk with mother during child care, and the making of friend is possible, too.

Temporary childcare

With temporary childcare
We plan case that comes to have difficulty in childcare at home and cancellation of childcare anxiety of protector by part working or illness, hospitalization such as protectors temporarily, and childcare is system to keep child to reduce burden (childcare), and to do at one time. The details, please identify the link mentioned above.

Temporary childcare of municipal nursery school
About temporary childcare to perform in municipal nursery school, please confirm the details with the link mentioned above.

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