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Child-care facility (Yokohama nersery rooms) out of the authorization

Last update date October 12, 2020

About child-care facility out of the authorization

Child-care facility which does not receive the authorization of prefectural governors (the mayor) except the authorization nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, homey childcare business, small childcare business
It is called "child-care facility out of the authorization".
Please confirm the details of facility by yourself. In addition, please ask facility directly when the use is hoped for.

(1) Yokohama nersery room (to Child and Youth Bureau homepage)
※When we let requirements fill and are used, the amount of upper limit of childcare charges is established. In addition, there is the reduction furtherance depending on the situation of household.

(2) Child-care facility (to Child and Youth Bureau homepage) except Yokohama nersery room out of the authorization
※When Yokohama citizen is used in child-care facility "Kawasaki authorization nursery school" which caught authorization of Kawasaki-shi out of the authorization, of the furtherance object elementary school student of Kawasaki citizen
It becomes pricing. In addition, there is the reduction furtherance depending on the situation of household.
As for the requirements to be targeted for the furtherance, please see information for Kawasaki authorization nersery room (PDF: 201KB). In addition, about Kawasaki authorization nursery school, please confirm homepage of Kawasaki-shi.

◎Please confirm child-care facility in Aoba Ward out of the authorization on page 12 of "information for 2021 (Raiwa 3) nursery school entrance for Aoba Ward" (PDF: 10,485KB).
Of where child-care facilities out of the authorization are used about procedure about becoming free is free, and please see (Child and Youth Bureau homepage) about certification applications of payment.

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