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Childcare support project in municipal nursery school

Last update date September 30, 2020

About cancellation of garden opening Festival

In usual, we perform "garden opening festival" to publicize child care support performing in municipal nursery school to local everybody widely, but, about 2020, do with cancellation for extended prevention of new model coronavirus infectious disease.
I'm very sorry, but we would appreciate your understanding to all of you looking forward to.

About some reopening of childcare support project

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we assumed all the childcare support projects cancellation, but, about garden opening and child-care consultation service, will reopen.
You have you confirm temporary issue (PDF: 489KB) in Aoba Ward childcare support news "swing" August, or please refer to each municipal institution nursery school for the details of garden opening.
About child-care consultation service, we accept even call. For details, please refer to each municipal nursery school.
About childcare course, interchange childcare, contact school lunch, Hidamari open space, blue sky outing park, we do with cancellation sequentially.

In addition, information about new coronavirus infectious disease, please identify the following link.
About new coronavirus infectious disease

About cancellation of 2020 nashikachan open space

About "nashikachan open space" holding in November in usual, we do with cancellation for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention in 2020.

About nashikachan open space in Aobadai, cancellation of nashikachan open space in Tama-Plaza (hoikunohiroba)

Planned autumn later; "went in around June in nashikachan open space in Aobadai "hoikunohiroba" and usual;, about "nashikachan open space in Tama-Plaza "hoikunohiroba", do with cancellation for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease together.

About Aoba Ward municipal institution nursery school childcare support project

In municipal nursery school, "interchange childcare" supports various child care for local parent and child including "child-care consultation service" "garden opening" and "childcare course" to be able to be idle in garden of nursery school. Let alone child, it becomes place of encounter between protectors.

・Garden opening
In garden, let's play with children and friend participating together with all one's might!

・Childcare course
We hold course utilized characteristic of garden. We can participate in parent and child happily.

・Interchange childcare
It goes at time that we want to let you play only a little in group that we want to know how children of the same age are playing.
We can experience Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, nursery school.

・Child-care consultation service
Do you not talk about slight trouble and anxiety during child care?
We take even that we want to talk with somebody wanting story to work casually.

・Contact school lunch
Local parent and child can experience school lunch with elementary school student of nursery school. We can get advice about infants food and child care from nursery staff or cook.

・Blue sky outing park
In local park, we introduce play popular with objects in nursery school toward child before attendance at school and the protector.

・Hidamari open space
Protector during and child care during pregnancy interchanges, and coordinator and childcare volunteer can grind child-care consultation services. Please come to nursery school to play.

Aoba Ward childcare support news

Aoba Ward childcare support news "swing" is letter which childcare support center garden of Aoba Ward issues. We take this!


We issue in issuance (PDF: 489KB) September in issuance (PDF: 1,700KB) August in issuance (PDF: 681KB) July in May (PDF: 859KB)  
[NEW] October issuance (PDF: 457KB)


May issuance (PDF: 545KB) August issuance (PDF: 582KB)

October issuance (PDF: 616KB)   March issuance (PDF: 792KB)

It is reporting for child care household from municipal nursery school

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