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As for the Aoba Ward eating habits, it is member of improvement promotion society

Last update date August 21, 2020

What is health mate?

 The cause of slogan of "our health is our kind" as for the member of improvement promotion (nickname: health mate) as for the eating habits,
 It is oneself, family and volunteer to move into action of local health promotion.
 Aoba Ward health mate by 1994 administrative section reorganization with Aoba Ward birth the Aoba Ward eating habits as member of improvement promotion society
 It started.
 As for the eating habits, member of improvement promotion was volunteer of nationwide organization, and 81 Aoba Ward, friend of about 140,000 whole country centered on meal
 We are doing health promotion activity.
 We are divided into 5 districts in Aoba Ward and move into action in imminent area including school and community care plaza.

Activity introduction

  • Holding of health promotion classroom to life stage
  • Holding of food education classroom of parent and child
  • Holding of green leaves food education campaign
  • We participate in Aoba Ward health Festival (11/3 inhabitant of a ward Festival)
  • Breakfast recipe "Happiness breakfast (PDF: 1,632KB) to cook in five minutesWe made "!
  • Longevity healthy by rich meal
  • Health promotion at the time of disaster
  • Activity by local request

State of activity

Regular workshop

 We hold regular workshop for members once a month.

 The spread of recipes to be useful for class and presentation of the results of the study, activity that we invite lecturers,

 It is workshop to be useful for activity of health mate including activity report.

To move into action as Aoba Ward health mate

 When the eating habits to open a course in complete member of improvement promotion training course, Aoba Ward Health and Welfare Center can be active as health mate.
[inquiry about health mate]
 Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section (Phone: 045-978-2441)

Do you not become health mate, too?

The eating habits raise member of improvement promotion seminar - students in 2020

[schedule] ①On Monday, October 12, ② Friday, October 30, ③ Friday, November 20, ④ Tuesday, December 1, ⑤ Tuesday, December 15,
      ⑥Wednesday, January 13, 2021, ⑦ Wednesday, February 10, ⑧ Monday, March 1, ⑨ Friday, March 19
[time] ② 10/30 is from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. for from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
[venue] Aoba Ward the first floor of the government office (green leaves Health and Welfare Center), ④ 12/1 are the south public hall for all city combination workshops
[object] Person (after confirmation, apply by all means) who meets all 1, 2
      1.Person who can attend at all times by Aoba Ward residence
      2.Person who can work on the Aoba Ward eating habits as health mate after the seminar completion in member of improvement promotion society
[contents] Summary, the eating habits of Health and Welfare Center have a diet with health promotion with member of improvement promotion, the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases,                                 
      Health promotion and the making of body (exercise practical skill), dental health, local health promotion and making of friend, activity introduction of health mate
[capacity] 15 (when we surpass capacity, we should draw lots. We mail attendance guide to student attending a lecture in early October)
[expense] 1,210 yen (text charges)
[application] By September 30 telephone, FAX, E-mail (the eating habits request for member of improvement promotion seminar attendance and full name, age, Address               
       Phone number entry) or directly to Health Promotion Section
[inquiry] Aoba Ward Health and Welfare Center Health Promotion Section
       Telephone: 978-2441 FAX: 978-2419E email: [email protected]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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