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Consultation counter about the news welfare and health from Health and Welfare Center

Last update date May 29, 2020

"News from Health and Welfare Center" provides even PDF file. You download from the following, and please use.

Consultation counter, elderly person about 1 page of welfare and health, child with a disability, person, medical care benefits system, thing (PDF: 561KB) about life hygiene

Examine 2 pages of ken (ken); thing about inspection, health consultation, list of a lot of Yokohama-shi health check-up conduct medical institutions (Aoba Ward) (PDF: 452KB)

Examine 3 pages of ken (ken); thing (follow) about inspection, health consultation, list of a lot of Yokohama-shi health check-up conduct medical institutions (Aoba Ward continues) (PDF: 445KB)

Thing (PDF: 488KB) about 4 pages of child care

When all 1-4 pages of pages are downloaded, all news pages (PDF: 770KB) from Health and Welfare Center

News [foreign language version] four languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish) from Health and Welfare Center (PDF: 3,411KB)

Consultation counter about the welfare and health

[inquiry] Person in charge of advanced age, obstacle desk work (the second-floor 34th window) telephone: 978-2445 FAX: 978-2427
●In Health and Welfare Center social worker and health nurse about the welfare and health provide consultation. Content of consultation is elderly person (including application such as The Long-term Care Insurance), physical disability, mental disabilities, mental disorder, single-parent home, thing about DV.
After having been consulted, we transfer our work to each charge and can connect to offer of appropriate service.
●Even as for the imminent community care plaza (Local Elderly Care Management Center) about elderly people provide consultation.
As you are opened in the following time, please take advantage of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Consultation time (common throughout each facility) from Monday to Saturday: 9: It is 00 Sundays and holidays 00-21: 9: It is 00 00-17
※As closed days vary according to facilities, please ask each facility.
※As for closed days and the closing time, lead to special elderly nursing home "viola Ichigao" by transfer trust from community care plaza, but of day service (elderly day care) is absent, and do not accept about contact to Care manager. Please contact at consultation time of community care plaza.

Social security, life poor independence support

[inquiry] Person in charge of life support (the third-floor 65th window) telephone: 978-2446 FAX: 978-2416
●When working-out such as cost of living and medical expenses , care costs is still troubling even if we utilize own ability or assets, please consult. (social security)
●We perform support for independence mainly since before having become social security for person having a problem economically. (life poor independence support)

Community care plaza (Local Elderly Care Management Center) in Aoba Ward

<homepage of facility opens when we click name of each facility>
NameThe locationTelephoneFAX
Eda community care plaza (the outside site)494-7, Edacho911-8001911-8121
Moegino community care plaza (the outside site)4-2, Moegino974-5402974-5405
Nara community care plaza (the outside site)1757-3, Naracho962-8821962-9847
Satsukigaoka community care plaza (the outside site)12-1, Satsukigaoka972-4769972-4759
Utsukushigaoka community care plaza (the outside site)4-32-7, Utsukushigaoka901-6665901-6718
Daiba community care plaza (the outside site)383-3, Obacho975-0200979-3200
Kamoshida community care plaza (the outside site)547-3, Kamoshidacho961-6911960-6011
Viola Ichigao community care plaza (the outside site)25-6, Ichigaocho308-7081308-7082
Aobadai community care plaza (the outside site)2-8-22, Aobadai988-0222985-1588
Onda community care plaza (the outside site)2-8, Akanedai988-2010988-0901
Tama-Plaza community care plaza (the outside site)2-1-15, Shinishikawa910-5211910-5231
Susukino community care plaza (the outside site)1-8-21, Susukino909-0071909-0072

Please confirm Phone number of each section (person in charge) at each reference.

●FAX numbers are as follows.
978-2419 (Health and Welfare Division)
978-2423 (Health Sanitation Division)
978-2427 (Elderly and Disabled Support Division)
978-2422 (Children and Families Support Division)
978-2416 (life support section)
978-2417 (Insurance and Pension Division)

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Telephone: 045-978-2433

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