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Nurture medical care

Last update date January 11, 2019

About nurture medical care ticket grant application procedure

When newborn babies such as growth immaturity receive hospital care with designated medical institution at the time of birth, it is system to assist a part of medical expenses hanging over treatment for public money.

Procedure for application

I hand application, household record and statement of position at ward office (Children and Families Support Division 37th window).
Have we submit, and doctor fill in statement of position at hospital.

Documents necessary for application

(1) Application (two pieces of copying)
(2) Statement of position (three pieces of copying)
(3) Household record (two pieces of copying)…Including target child, please fill out about all the households.
(4) Documents which prove the income amount of a tax…Please submit about with income in household (for spouse and member of other households is necessary if you cannot confirm that it is support relative without income).

  • The latest withholding slip (possible copying)
  • The latest decision report reserve (possible copying)
  • Taxation certificate or tax-free certificate

It is house, either of this

※There is no repayment payment. When we finish payment at hospital, we do not become a target of system.
It takes 2 months from one and a half months until nurture medical care ticket arrives after applying.
Meanwhile, tell about being applying to hospital for nurture medical care when it is discharged.

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